Our first.... LAST!

Our friends Colby and Heather Dankleff invited us to tag along to St. George and Vegas with them. Mike and I decided LETS DO IT!
As we drove to St. George it was just Mike and I for this part, Heather and Colby were already down there. Mike and I began to talk about our first adventure to Vegas, just like it was yesterday! Feb 4th 2007!

That was a big "FIRST" as we started to remenise Mike said do you realize this is our first LAST....
Mike and I love keeping track our first, but NO I had not realized. This was the last vacation we'd ever take with out being parents. It was a last hoorah for just us two. This realization both weirded us out, but we lived up every moment of this trip because of it! 

The sunset was amazing... I'm sorry you can't see it.
 I felt like a princess!
In St. George we stayed at Colby's Grandparents!
 Oh how I love tubs!
 Front Room
 Dining Room
 Living Room
 Mine and Heathers fav. THE KITCHEN!
 On Friday Colby and his dad went to their golfing tournament so Mike, Heather and I decided to tour St. George.  We went to the temple and it was beautiful of course! So White even in St. George!

 Then we went and took a tour of one of Brigham Youngs homes.
Here you can see some cotton growing in the garden.
 A mulberry bush! Not such a little bush, but rather a huge TREE!
Front Room

Colby got done with Day 1 of the Tournament and so then it was off to Vegas!

 Heather and Colby
 Pinball Hall of Fame!

 This silly Asian guy was sining Frank Sinatra next to us so of course we had to get a picture!!

We played Keno and $2.00 Black jack in Mesquite and that was my favorite part of the trip! Mike's favorite part was playing video poker in Vegas where we also played roulette. It was all so much fun! 
Mike and I aren't big gamblers, but we do like to play. We set a $50 limit for each of us. I ended up winning $200 and Mike well lets just say he lost :)
If you want to hear a fun roulette story just ask us!  


paislea said…
cute post! you guys are so cute and so happy together! i love it!!


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