July 24th 2010

I can't believe it has been four years since my car accident.
I also can't believe how much has happened in the last four years.

Married for a year and a half to the love of my life Micheal Wayne Hall
Baby on the way! 18 weeks!
Ashton and Whitney have been married two and a half years!
Colton and Lynne have been married a year and a half!
Chase and Tillie ENGAGED!
Dane and Theresa they're growing up!
Mom and Dad are both 50 and Grand Parents!  He He He  I'm sure i'll get in trouble for that later ;)

I didn't think i'd ever be able to post these, but I've decided I will.

I took these a few days ago so they are current. Don't make fun of my tan line :)


sharon. said…
Wow. That is so scary :/ I am glad you are okay and have come so far and now you are going to be a mommy! Yay!
Wilson Family said…
Gosh Nik, I still remember getting the call from McKell telling me about it. You are really blessed
Brian and Kayla said…
Those pictures bring back memories! That was very scary but I'm so glad that you made it out alive. I remember coming to see you at the hospital and thinking that you were in worse shape than I had ever seen anyone. You lost a lot of weight after that! But look at you now! You are beautiful and are doing great! Funny story: for some reason I remembered you pulling your baby teeth out at Amy's house. I told Brian about it. Remember?
Sarah said…
Those pictures gave me chills. I am so thankful that the Lord kept you here. :) You are such a wonderful person to know and I dearly love you! You are going to make a wonderful mommy and well, we already know you make an awesome wife! Love you, Nikki!!
Esplins said…
Oh my goodness!! I can hardly believe you made it through all of that. What a blessing. So glad you're healed and doing so well. What a scary thing!
Tela said…
Im so sorry that happened to you, I am glad you pulled through. congrats on all that you have accomplish in the four years. :)

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