33,34,35 Weeks!

33 Weeks
Peyton is the size of my favorite fruit!
A PINEAPPLE! 4 lbs and 17+ inches!

I went to the Dr. and I weighed in at 178lbs again, no change from two weeks ago. I was a little concerned, but the Dr. said not to worry just make sure your taking your prenatals. Her heart is still strong and she is kicking more and harder than ever.

Last Sunday night I had I migraine. Not just a regular ole headache. A full on, down for the count, lock my self in a dark room and cry my self to sleep migraine... Mike held me as I threw up all night from the pain. He moved the Dr. Apt forward a few days. I have some strong painkillers now that are okay to take being pregnant.
Mike really is Superman, there is no way I could have this baby with out him.

34 Weeks
Peyton is about 4 3/4 lbs  and almost 18 inches long.

35 Weeks
Peyton is about 5 1/4 lbs and 18+ inches long.

I went to the Dr. and I weighed in a 182 lbs... Okay 4lbs in 2 weeks that's not so thrilling. I guess since I didn't gain any on my 33 weeks I had to make up for it. I am measuring 35 inches at 35 weeks which he said is right on.Once again her heart beat is strong and right where it's suppose to be.  It did seem fast to Mike and I, but I guess it doesn't become "normal" until later. I had a whole list of questions for him this week :) I've been having Braxton hicks or contractions in my lower stomach area. He said your having contractions and if they are 3 to 5 minutes apart go to the hospital. He said you will probably have them on and off for the next month... YAY i'm sooo excited to be in pain. NOT! He said her head is down and its pushing on me. I asked about the pains in my ribs that are almost unbearable. He said her bum  and feet are up there pushing on them and so she may be turning some of the ribs outward. Again more pain and nothing we can do, but wait till she comes for it to go away. I figured that was going to be his answers for most of my questions, but I still had to ask. The answer " It's normal" is getting old. :)

Something to think about... I let him know that a few people think i'm going to come early and a few people want me to come on the 27th since we have a lot of family birthdays on that day. He said " You can't come early and you can't come late, I'm going out of town" Ha Ha Ha he said here's what we can do. When you come in on the 7th if you are dilated we will start you on the 14th.
I looked at Mike and started laughing! You'd think by now this man would know what to say to me and what not to say to me. I have no patience, remember. So now we have a dilemma. What to do.... This is going to be a very big test for me. I know Mike and I will figure it out together, but still just the thought of knowing I could have this baby on the 14th.
Hows that for torture....

PS. I did go 2 or 3 weeks with out an episode... I really can't wait till i'm done throwing up.

35 Week Photos!



Bailee said…
Migraine...ICK!!! I've had 15 in the last month...I understand your pain. You're almost there!!!

Can't wait to meet her!
lynniethepooh said…
Esplins said…
Agh you're getting so close! I can't believe it. Good luck with the migraines and all the other aches and pains. It will all be over so fast and then you'll forget what it's even like to be pregnant. Can't wait to meet your beautiful little Peyton.
I know what you mean about being patient! My doctor said if I was progressing then I would be induced on the 18th of Nov. It was so nice to know that I had a deadline for when this baby would be here. But I didn't want to bring her here if she wasn't ready. Well then my body decided she was ready on the 9th!!! So things will work out, I promise! Good luck!! And hopefully she'll come early for you!
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Aubrey said…
One thing I have been meaning to tell you...if you are planning on nursing at all, buy a TON of pineapple (fresh is best but canned works too) and start eating it as often/as much as you can after the baby is born. it does WONDERS for helping you not get too engorged, not getting mastitis, etc. A bunch of people told me this and it was seriously amazing.

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