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Mike's Take on Nikki Being Pregnant

Well hello all you blogger buddies. So Nikki has been writing on this blog for a long time now and I figured that it is time for me to write a little something. So here you go!

So today we are going to talk about Nikki. I just have to let the world know that she really is the best wife (and soon to be mother) that anyone could ask for. She's been pregnant now for almost 32 weeks. I'll have you guys know that it has not been pleasant for her. Not in the slightest! She's constantly feeling ill while getting punched in the ribs and bladder all day long everyday. I just have to say that I think Pey Pey really is going to be a troublesome child. But still a blessing none the less. Anyway, I just wanted to post a little something on here about how amazing Nikki is and how I think that everyone all around the world should give her a high-five for being so awesome. I love her. Keep up the good work wifey.

31 Weeks! 8 Months!

Today is Oct. 20th which means that I am due 2 months from today! 9 weeks or 60 days to go!

I had a Dr. apt today and for the third appointment in a row I've gain 6 pounds. Once again it's normal or so they say. I am 178 lbs and I am starting to really feel it, she is getting bigger and so am I. I measured 31 inches at 31 weeks which the Dr. said is perfect. I'm glad she is growing a good rate. I love hearing her heart beat, he said it sounds good.  My appointments are now every 2 weeks rather than 4 which tells me were getting close! 

Mike and the Dr. ganged up on me today. Dr. C asked me if I wanted a flu shot and I immediately said NO. The Dr. continued to tell me all of the benefits. I said I know, but to be honest i'd rather be sick for a day puking my guts out than get a shot. Then Mike chimed in and went on about how Peyton needs it. I was being interrogated by Mike and my Dr. I just kept saying no. no. no. then Dr. C reminded me of all the swine flu stuff and oth…

Brad Paisley 2010

H2O World Tour
A friend of mine posted her tickets on FB for sale. I didn't buy any concert tickets previous because I get sick so often, but I was feeling great and we wanted to go! So we bought them and were on our way!

Mike and I both agree on these well known fact. Brad Paisley is an amazing song writer! Not only does he know how to really jam out on his guitars, but he is down to earth, friendly, hilarious and an amazing entertainer.

My camera died... because I forgot to charge it. So we got two pictures. 
Annie and Brian Irwin Friends we met up with at the concert!  Pretty rad people, if you don't know them you're missing out!! 
My playlist to the left are my favorite songs by him.
When he played She's Everything to me Mike said "This song reminds me of you." Cute huh!
When he played Wrapped Around I got emotional like I knew I would.
Then is my favorite song of his for now. Because it is so true.
I'm Still a Guy makes me think of Mike and I and how we ar…