28 Weeks! 3rd Trimester! 7 Months!

Farewell 2nd trimester! Good riddance!
What does this mean? YES people we are on the home stretch! 3rd and final trimester here we come!!!

Today I am 172 lbs. Wow another 6 pounds in 4 weeks.... I must be eating better and indeed I am! I don't think i'm fat, not at all. I do have to say stepping on the scale at the Drs. isn't my favorite part of the day either.

Today he said Peytons heart is beating great and sounds very good. He said my belly is measuring right on,  he said i'm 28 weeks and 28 inches! I asked him then why do people keep telling my I don't look 7 months. He said because your placenta could be placed different and you carry very well. I think ya'll are just being nice is what I think! He said something about my back too, but I got distracted with the red bottle of blood they brought in.
JUST KIDDING it was the sugar stuff I had to drink. I had my glucose test today. It was nasty but I got it down. The worst part was when the lady "poked" or as I'd call it stabbed my finger. I would of rather of had an IV, weird huh! It still kind of hurts...
I passed which I was a little concerned because I had some DP earlier today and a Twix, which probably didn't help in the sugar department. She did say that I need to start taking iron pills along with my prenatals.

Things I want to remember:

When I walked in my parents house yesterday the first thing out of Dane's mouth was WOW YOU'RE FAT!
I said Dane thats not very nice, he's like well its true though! I was like well then Dane your ugly and walked away.(yes a little immature on my part),but at least the 9 year old will be honest with me. I've had so many people tell my i'm too skinny for being 6-7 months prego. The truth comes out to him i'm just FAT :)

 I feel like I have mono or something, I can't get enough sleep. There have only been a few bad nights where P is kicking me the whole night or I have morning sickness and can't get any rest. For the most part I am a rock!!!

Kicking and Punching:
When she kicks its not just one arm or one leg she is now using 2, 3 and even all 4 some times to punch and kick me. It was fun at first because Mike could really really feel here with both hands at the same time, but now it just hurts!
Potty- She think my bladder is a punching bag! I've almost peed my pants a few times...
Ribs-Her feet are in my ribs constantly. I think she has found her favorite place to be, and it hurts.

 I am not a crier! I am not! ,but today I cried, just a few glistening tears and as I was crying I was laughing because I had nothing to cry about. I'm glad I can laugh at my self :)

The Groans:
When I bend over all of the air is forced out and I groan. Its really quite weird because I can't control it. I'm kind of to the point if I drop something and people are around I leave it.

I watched my first live birth. Then I watched a few more. EPIDURAL PLEASE! I don't know how a lot of you ladies do with out (you're all crazy if you ask me sorry Mom!) , but I know that I will have one!!!!!  To each their own I guess :)

Butt Pains:
 I keep getting shooting pains in my right butt cheek. The Dr. kinda of laughed and said is your husband being a pain in the butt? Ha ha ha I will admit it was kind of funny! He said its normal I promise some people get a lot of Charlie horses some get none, other have a lot of ligament pain and others have none. He said she could be on a nerve. Yeah I'd say so! The other day I was on my hands and knees in the kitchen complaining about my bum when Mike freaked out and thought I was in some serious labor pain or something. It was kind of cute to see him act that way, but I won't do that again. I'll tell him first before I lay down in the kitchen :)

Still HATING grilled chicken:
I will eat it on a very very rare occasion, but I really would rather not. I went to C.J.s-  Carls Jr. for lunch the other day and ordered my usual teriyaki burger with medium crosscut fries and a power-aid. When I got back to work I had a CHICKEN teriyaki sandwich.... Don't you worry I eventually got my burger!

Acid Reflux:
My chest hurt and my throat is burning constantly. I won't go in to much detail, but if I have any carbonation and I burp its not pleasant. :( I have a hard time laying down. I have tried Tums and they don't do anything. I posted this as my status on Facebook and I cannot wait to get home to read them. I know I will have a lot of advice and truly I love it. I need all the help I can get on anything really!!!

Stretch Marks:
They have started... They are on my sides and still fairly little...  The doctor says there isn't much you can do. But I didn't listen and went and bought some liquid Vitamin E and Shea lotion. I hope it helps.

Belly Button:
I noticed today that my belly button looks funky! Its stretched out!! Mike thinks its cute, but I think he's crazy! I need to take a picture of my bare belly so I can remember what it looks like being so big and stretched out, but I think I'll wait till i'm the full 9 months!

Thanks for reading sorry it was so long! If you have a minute go comment!


paislea said…
wooo hoooo! you look so cute in those pictures! your cute little baby belly. and i'm glad that you don't think you're fat, because you're not. you look so cute!!

cutest pregnant lady alive!

Brian and Kayla said…
You look great Nikki! If you kind of sit/lay in bed cross-legged (Indian style) it helps with the burn! But I didn't need to do that until about 8 months. I can't wait to see pictures of your baby! Or better yet, maybe I'll see her in person!
**DiXoNs** said…
your lucky you just had to take the glucose test once. i had to do 2 of them a one hour then a 3 hour later. It was the worst! I got stuck 3 times. Luckily i worked at the office that day so they were chill and understanding. And the 3 hour drink is worse. But thats ok. I knew what was coming after all thats what i do all day. You look awesome by the way! Im so excited for you! I can't wait to see pics of Peyton since ill never get to meet her. Good luck with it all You will love being a mother!
The Russell's said…
You look dang good nik! I'm so excited for you... stretch marks suck.. i didnt get any til a week before chloe was born.. i thought i was in the clear then bam.. and i still have them.. they never go away! i hate it :( you guys are so cute together! your gonna be such a cute little happy family :) we should get together sometime before she comes and have a bbq!!!
Aubrey said…
it was so much fun seeing you guys again last week. One thing with the "butt pain" - it] sounds like it could be your sciatic nerve. I got shooting pains in my butt, especially when I walked but it just got worse and worse. A trip or two to the chiropractor will clear it up--mine also adjusted my hips which felt AMAZING as I got more pregnant.
Esplins said…
You look great Nik!! Woo hoo for being 7 months! I second Aubrey's comment on the sciatic nerve. If they get too bad a visit to the chiropractor should help. Also, I had awful heartburn. I started taking Pepcid throughout the pregnancy which helped a lot because I was inhaling tums way too much. In fact, I had heartburn so bad during labor the nurse actually brought me a pepcid. Once he came out though, it just completely ended. I'm so excited for you two!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

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