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28 Weeks! 3rd Trimester! 7 Months!

Farewell 2nd trimester! Good riddance!
What does this mean? YES people we are on the home stretch! 3rd and final trimester here we come!!!

Today I am 172 lbs. Wow another 6 pounds in 4 weeks.... I must be eating better and indeed I am! I don't think i'm fat, not at all. I do have to say stepping on the scale at the Drs. isn't my favorite part of the day either.

Today he said Peytons heart is beating great and sounds very good. He said my belly is measuring right on,  he said i'm 28 weeks and 28 inches! I asked him then why do people keep telling my I don't look 7 months. He said because your placenta could be placed different and you carry very well. I think ya'll are just being nice is what I think! He said something about my back too, but I got distracted with the red bottle of blood they brought in.
JUST KIDDING it was the sugar stuff I had to drink. I had my glucose test today. It was nasty but I got it down. The worst part was when the lady "poked"…

Progressive Dinner

A bunch of friends from high school planned a progressive dinner! A few couples couldn't make it, but i'm sure we will do it again in some way. It went from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM.  We started in Provo at the Hills place and had shrimp for the appetizer.  Then it was off to our home in Lehi where we had salad and I got to show my friends Peytons room! :) Next for the main course was at the Tesch's in Sandy where we had BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes rolls and broccoli. YUM! Then to down town SLC to Aubrey's home for some Dessert!  It was a lot of fun to see everyone and to get the gang all together again.  Next time I think we will all just bring food to one home and have a game night. So that way were not driving from one end of the valley to the other. 
Rachel and Chase

Leah and Chris
Kristen and Nate

Nikki and Mike
At Aubrey's, Aubrey and Matteo wouldn't let me take a pic of them so here is a little shout out!
Kristen and Leah

The boys being silly at Aubry's house. Ta…

Sawyer & Eko

Mikes BFF Payden got two puppies this weekend! Yes the names are from Lost if you didn't know.
They are the cutest puppies ever!! Payden picked up Sawyer on Thursday night and brought him over to our house where you can see he pooped... He is a Sibearn Husky, he has one brown eye and one blue and and I have fallen in love with this dog!!! I will spoil him rotten!
On Friday Payden got called to a fire and so Phil another BFF voulenteered to pick up Eko. Annette, Mike and I left around 8:30 to Evenstan Wyoming. Sawyer slept on my lap the whole way up! He is such a good pup!
We picked up Eko and headed back to Utah. Sawyer didn't like Eko he kept growling at him. So when Sawyer fell asleep Mike put Eko on him and let him lick his face it was way funny, you can kind of see it in the pictures.

An update from today Sawyer & Eko are friends and no longer hate each other. Phil and Payden said they get really jealous of each other though. I am going to have a sleep over with th…

VOTE FOR PEYTON Entry #99!!!!

DUE: December 20th 2010!

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It's not a 100% done, but you get the idea!
I was very nervous about this watermelon theme! I had a vision and I must say its a even cuter than I imagined. Good Job Nikki!
The shelf in this picture is actually from my nursery. White was its original color, but I think the black makes it!

There isn't any bedding yet because I wanted to see the colors of the room. So that will be another post another day! Hint: It will hopefully be similar to the block letters in the pictures below. :)

My crafty friend Paislea made this for me! What a sweetheart huh!?! Were going to put black ribbon on them and hang them up, but I wanted to blog about it. So here is sneak peak.  There is also another small shelf left of the letters, but you can't really see it I need to hang that up too... 

I did get 1 shelf hung up. You can see the baby mini mouse Aunt Whitney brought Peyton back from Disneyland! So cute she already has her first stuffed animal/teddy bear! :)
With our the black ribbon, but its …

Labor Day Weekend! 2010

Saturday: Mike and I woke up around 9:00 and went yard sale-ing! I really wanted to find a cute little chair and mirror for Peyton's room. I did find a few things, but not exactly what I was looking for. We got a clay pigeon thrower for $5 bucks thats worth a lot more than that!! I got a few Halloween and 4th of July decorations. Mike got a sushi kit that was brand new never used! He got a few more vinyl records for his collection and last but not least we got bar stools! We have a bar, but nothing to sit on.... Pictures of those to come on another day with all of the house photos ( I forgot I haven't posted images of our home)  Last, but NOT least! Mike has been bugging me to buy a grill. If you know Mike then you know he wants the best which means $$$ and I am not interested in spending $400.00 on anyone except Peyton :)  Lo and behold we were at our last stop of the day and they were selling a new WEBER  for only $100.00 and this is about the time he got his puppy dog eyes. An…