Wedding Traditions: A year in the making!

There are a few wedding traditions we failed to do, but I am happy to say we completed one!
One tradition says the way you feed the cake represents a symbol of the bride and groom's willingness to share a household. Another says the cutting of the cake together will insure fertility. - Glad we did that! ;)

Before we cut the cake at our reception I told Mike "if you get cake on my dress or mess up my make up I will kill you and you will not be going to Cancun with me on our honeymoon."
A little harsh? Yes I know, it worked though! He was a gentleman! I wasn't worried about the myths I was just concerned about my dress :) 

Our beautiful cake!

Cutting it together! 

From this link we actually completed most on the list! GO US!
We were on our second honeymoon in NYC which means we weren't able to eat the top tier of our cake. Plus it was in my parents freezer. We got it when we got back and it has been in our fridge ever since. 
Last night Mike said are we going to eat that or can I just throw it away? Don't worry he got a good glare! I said were going to eat it! Grab the camera! 
Guess what he tried to do! Take my face and shove it right in the top of the cake! Don't worry I grabbed the knife. Ha Ha Ha I wouldn't have cut him.... maybe. 

It doesn't look like I am eating this, but in fact I have half of it in my mouth! 
Hesitant at first...

Mike admitting it was yummy!
 It wasn't freezer burnt at all. If we didn't know better I would have said maybe it was a week old. 

He said "so since I didn't get to on our wedding day. I get to now!" *smash*
I guess you could say he got his revenge. 

And I got MINE! 
Frosting was everywhere! 

He is making fun of me in this pic because I always make this face. :)
Kiss and make up! 
The cake after we destroyed it! 


Brian and Kayla said…
I'm glad to know that Brian and I were not the only ones that didn't smash it in each others faces.

I got your comment and sent you a message on facebook. I'm totally dying to see you guys!
paislea said…
this is so cute nikki. i love your traditions. i love that you were classy on your wedding day. there are other days when you can be silly and go crazy smashing cake and other things into each others' faces.

you look gorgeous in that dress. your hair is so pretty. and i'm so glad that you've found someone that you can have fun with. it's so important. you guys are so cute together. and you have so much fun!!

and keep doing fun things together. and having fun little anniversary traditions. it's so cute!
Sarah said…
You guys are awesome. I didn't keep my cake. I made everyone eat it :). But Shawn was sweet too at our wedding. I just love you guys! Can we please play soon? ( I even said PLEASE!)
Meg 'n Heath said…
Congrats!! Your cake was awesome. Isnt it so much fun to smash it in there face!! lol looks like you guys had fun!
Can't believe its been a year already!! congrats to you two! Many more to come!!

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