The Ultrasound!

I've been debating whether or not to post this because it was such a special moment for me. I figured that I would because I know a lot of you want to see it!
I use to not be a crier.... Till I got pregnant. I cried through the whole appointment! Thank you everyone for coming that was able to!

About 1:00 in the water works turn on for me. He is measuring the head and it hit me I have a special person in my body that Mike and I have made!
At 2:00 you can see the arm then the spine. He you can see her facing down.
At 3:00 you can see her hear flickering! At 3:45 he shows you her 4 heart ventricsles.
At 4:00 he shows you there is a black spot in her stomach and he says that means the she is swolling and that food is making it to her stomach.

0:04 sec- Mike said  “He’s,  It’s trying to teach you patience”    It took a few mins to see because her bum was up by my belly button.
0:49 sec-  Lynne, Emilee, Juli and Suzanne all said girl. Mike and I said boy.
1:45 You can see her little feet!
2:38 Looking for the gender!
3:30 Looking at the blood flow.
4:08 Still looking!
4:53 Placenta
5:16 Lynne asks are we for sure it’s a girl? Dr. said” Were going to come back in a min.”

If you pause it on 0.04 sec you can see she is giving us thumbs up.  It was a ton easier to see on the screen than the video.
0.14 everyone was making fun of how stubborn I am... Thanks guys! Jk its true.
0.30 sec you can see her heart! 

Mike and I after the confirmation that it’s a GIRL!!!!
I can’t explain this whole experience. Breath taking, Shocking, Overwhelming, Spiritual and Tender.
I cried like a baby. Mike hid his tears a lot better than I did. Lynne thanks for not getting my face to much! J
0.30 Still whipping my tears away while he is telling me that he wants another ultrasound in 4 weeks because her head was buried down deep in my side and we didn’t get to look at her face as close as we’d like..

Are we excited????
Lynne gave P the jean jacket and two of the cute outfits!
The cute little beanie is from Suzanne she said "Every other Sunday Peyton will be getting a little present!" How sweet huh!

Amy made this blue and brown blanket and burp rags! SO CUTE!
Amy and Travis also gave P these cute outfits! 
Amy made me the socks they are adorable! Click here to see her site!

The girls I work with are so cute they decorated my cubicle! 
The poster was one from high school that has now become a joke. Same with Oscar the Grouch! :)


Nick and Emily said…
I can't tell you how happy i am for you. This is going to be the most wonderful moment you have experienced. I can't wait for Elly and Peyton to be best friends. :)
Whitney Parry said…
I'm so excited for you guys. Sorry I couldn't make it. I'm glad you took videos!!! She's so precious..l I'm so excited for her to get here!
-Danica- said…
Aw I totally cried watching this - that is such a special moment and it's so great you have it on tape! Congrats:)
A----J----A said…
Babies are such a blessing! I am very happy for you and your husband. As your belly grows, your love for your bundle of joy will also grow. Its amazing how one learns to be a mother little by little. I know you are going to be an amazing mother!

To Peyton!

She's a little bit of sunshine,
She's a smile to light your days,
She will steal your heart and
keep it with her warm endearing ways,
She's your precious little daughter,
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill your years with laughter
and your lives with lots of love

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