Sneak Peek!

Last night we went and picked out the paint! I told the lady were doing a WATERMELON theme. She said where did you come up with that, that is so cute. I said um my head. lol So we rushed home and started taping. 
The chair rail (white thing in the middle) is scrap thats why it has excess on it. I just held it up to see what it would look like. Don't worry I'm sure won't won't have to wait long for the finished product! 
If you click on the image it will go full screen :)

On my I posted as well and go some really great advice! So for the rest of you that didn't comment here is your chance! Tell me what you would have done different? Tell me what you wish you would have bought or did by that you loved or tell me what you hated that you bought. I wanna know!!!


paislea said…
cuuuuuuuuuuuute! i'm so excited for you nikki! i love the colors, they're perfect! it's going to be the cutest baby room EVERRRR!!!
Alea said…
Very cute! My favorite color is green so we did a pink & green theme in Clara's room too. I love the color combo! What's your email? You'll find that people love to share advice with you, and mine's too long to fit in this comment box. Hahaha...
The Halls said… Thanks guys for the comments!
Love this!!! Super cute idea!

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