NYC Day 3!

This was not a good day for me. I was so sick and so tired... The videos where I am in the green are from day 3 so you can tell...

We woke up really early! I believe 6:00am NYC time which is 4:00 Mountain time. I was dead! The reason for lack of beauty sleep is. Jimmy Fallon!
We went and stood in stand by to see if they had extra seats! They sure did. They told us to come back at 4:00 pm. 

So we went and grabbed some breakfast next to the Today Show!
We then went and saw Al Roker out side of the Today Show! I tried getting a pictures but all I got was the top of his head. :)

Side Note:
This Asian couple came up to me and asked me to take a picture.  I said " My husband can my hands are full". I guess I forgot to say it and just sat there looking at them. Mike was like oh she doesn't speak English. They imminently apologized to me. I didn't defend my self... I was still confused on what just happened. I was tired and pregnant (leave me alone)!!!!! After they left he's like why didn't you say anything. I was like I thought I did... Ha Ha Ha. Its pretty funny to look back and think about.

Then we went to The Rock as I was calling it. Rockefeller Center! As you saw from the video! It was cool to see and the ice rink that they use in sooo many movies! The stores that are right there are cool too. Like your Armani and Gucci ect. My favorite thing was the Cathedral because this was my first time ever seeing one in person and we actually got to go in!

Then we went to The Museum of Natural History. By this time I was a walking Zombie!


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