I have never owned a vehicle long enough to pay off! Till.... TODAY!!!
For those of you that don't know who Luna is. She is my car, yes she has a name. I have named all of the vehicles I have ever owned.


 I sold my first truck Clifford aka BIG RED before I really owned her. You can see by the pics why I didn't keep her long.
Then I bought MY BABY! Yeah I know its not a very original name, but that's exactly what she was to me.
You all know the story about her and if you don't look at the pic below...  She was the one I rolled 4 years ago. 

Then I bought my Honda Civic, The Silver Bullet
I had her about a year and a half and I got hit by a garbage truck... 
Now I have LUNA! My Mazda 3!
I love the red lights!

She is officially mine! Well she has been mine for the last 2 years, but as of today she is bought and paid for! No more loan and no more payment due every 4th of the month! I have an asset! I have something to write in my will!

I am not sure how long I will have her. I will always want a truck, but for now she safe and efficient!


paislea said…
uummmm. please add me to the will. i want luna! she is sleek. she is sexy. and she is free of loans and credit cards and payments! such a plus!!

congratulations lady!
Michael said…
Yay! Way to pay it off babe! Luna lubs yous!
Brian and Kayla said…
Good job! That's got to be a good feeling. Can't wait till I know how you feel :)
Alea said…
Doesn't it feel great to pay stuff off!?! I can't wait to call in to Dave Ramsey's show and yell "We're DEBT FREE!" ...But I think the house might be a while. Haha... And, I don't think there's anything wrong with Clifford's aesthetics, but the Mazda is definately a very beautiful car!
lynniethepooh said…
YAY for paid off car! Don't put me in your will.... I plan on dieing first :-)
AWESOME! Congrats on paying her off! Isn't that the best feeling ever?!

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