Great Dane

I found these pics on my camera and of course I had to share! 

Mike said it was the funniest thing to see Cali in his place. 

She was such a good dog! I cannot wait to have my own! 

That's one big paw! 


paislea said…
awe awe awe awe awe! she's so cute! i love great danes. i just don't like taking care of dogs. they're so much work. i like cats cause they do their own thing. they can potty by themselves and everything. they're smarter than dogs! ;)

but she is a gorgeous great dane!
lynniethepooh said…
Awww, those are the CUTEST pictures! I can't wait for you to have a Great Dane!!!
Brittany said…
I love them! I can't wait for you to get a great dane so Cali can have a buddy. One of Jay's friends has a couple of dogs but they're about the size of one of Cali's feet so you can imagine how the playing goes. lol.

Looks like she really loved it there, we'll have to bring her by to visit!

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