23/24 Weeks

We went to the Dr. today for another check up. He wanted to do another ultrasound so we could look at her face, because she wouldn't let us last time. 
I really need to scan these pictures in rather than just take a picture of a picture so they are clearer... 
She was breach today which means bottom down face up. He was able to find Peyton's face quickly because of that. As we were looking at her face you could see her foot bent kicking me in the tummy. It was really quite funny I couldn't stop laughing which made it hard to get the picture for the ultrasound. Then she did the funniest thing! 
She put her foot right up by her face! 
Then she stuck her foot in her mouth and sucked on it! It was so cute and amazing to see! You could actually see sucking movement from her lips. By this time Mike, Dr. and I were all laughing! The Dr. even said I've never seen that before! It seems like every appointment she does something to surprise him :)

She is kicking me here you can see her foot by her nose.

She has her mouth open now. I made a blue line where her mouth is and the red is outlining her foot.

Getting closer!

Sucking on her foot!!!

Waiting for the Dr. 

I got "ready" because I'm going on a HOT date tonight! So I decided to document the belly at almost 24 weeks!

Time for the big weigh in... Today I am 166 lbs.  I was way shocked! 6 lbs in four weeks...  I think its because i'm able to keep down more food. According to my weight, height, week ratio at  What to Expect I'm 2 lbs under weight. I don't know how accurate that is, but the Dr. said I'm right on track!  Even though  I fee like a balloon. :) I know this belly is nothing compared to what's to come. 

Things I want to remember:
1. The way Mike took care of me at 3am when I didn't make it to the bathroom and puked in a towel that was on the floor. He was so concerned because he knew it wasn't a normal episode.
I love him, I love the way he tears up at the sight of our baby girl! I am the luckiest! 
2. The first time Mike felt her move!
3. I am in love with fruit! I stop at the store on the way to work every Monday! In fact right this moment I am eating a peach. :) 
4. For the moment the acne has cleared up. I was starting to feel like a teenager again.... 
5. 7 cavities because of the acid in the throw up.... Wait scratch that, actually I don't want to remember that. ;)
6. Still hate grilled chicken and mint toothpaste!
7. The way I feel when I paint her room and shop for her.
8. How bending over has become a hassle. 
9. How Mike holds my hand everywhere because if he doesn't I walk so slow and don't notice it. 
10. I can't wait to be able to eat sweets, everything is extremely potent. 
11. How a lot of my perspective has already changed.
12. Lastly how I don't want to raise my kids!!! It's nice to watch other people in public and take a snap shot and say. Nikki remember this moment.
Oh that reminds me number 13 is a must.
13. MY  Short term MEMORY! ITS GONE, I KILLED IT! I can't remember anything.... (unless its to buy more yummy milk)


Sarah said…
You look SO dang cute! I am so excited for you guys! and So far, I am loving the watermelon Idea! It's darling!
todd and erin said…
That is so cute that she was sucking on her foot! Those pictures are awesome. I love reading your blog because you are only 6 weeks or so ahead of me so it's nice to see how you are doing. My brain is so different too! I don't know where it went! I feel like I used to be a lot smarter than this.
Esplins said…
I'm glad you're doing so well. You look great! Great post of things for you to remember. I had huge problems with my teeth when I was pregnant too. My first, second, third, and fourth cavity all while pregnant. :(
Michael said…
Awe babe, I love you too. And Peyton loves you. Thanks for everything you do for her and I. We are so lucky to have you. Thanks girl.
How cute is she!? That is adorable! You're gonna be a good mommy! Be worried.. you don't get your memory back once you've had the baby! It's gone forever now! ;)
Meg 'n Heath said…
How fun!! you look good. i feel for ya, i got my first 9 cavities prego with my first. its so fun to be prego!

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