July 24th Events

Tee time 6:10 at Fox Hollow and it was beautiful!
I personally played horrible.... I was nervous! I've never golfed with my brothers and dad.
My biggest flaw is watching the club hit the ball. You'd think i'd learn from softball how to keep my head down...
I may or may not have tee'd up in the fairway and hit my driver. I call it the prego mulligan :)

Over all Mike and well... We Lost! Ashton well he kicked our butts! Colton and Frank had a nice little competition going :)

Then we went and got some grub. Then Mike went to pick up Cali while I had a nap at the parents! :)
I had a migraine and I don't get migraines ever! Thank goodness for muscle relaxers!
We played with Cali for the rest of the day and that evening we went to GoodWood BBQ YUM!
Then it was off to the Baseball Game and some fireworks!!

Whit and Ashton

Lynne and Colton

Hannah (my cousin) and Dane

Mom and Dad (they weren't ready sorry)

We weren't ready either...


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