Jelly Belly!

I took this picture the day I found out I was pregnant. I was 6 weeks along here. 

17 weeks! 

The other day Mike and I had this conversation:
N: Babe if I ask you a question will you promise to answer.
M: No you can't have a dog yet.
N: Thats not it. Do you think I look fat to people or do you think i'm starting to show?
M: I think you look beautiful!
N: Ahhhh so i'm a fatty!
M: No No, thats not a fair question because what do you want me to say?
N: I dunno..  neither!
M: Well babe the truth is your starting to show and I think its cute!
N: Ah thanks babe.

So as long as my hubby thinks i'm beautiful I guess thats all that matters. Not the fact that I can't fit into any of my clothes :)
- Mother Goose


You look adorable!!! And it doesn't look like fat, it's a definite belly!!! Congrats!
paislea said…
awe! this is simply precious. you guys are perfect for each other!

and no silly, you don't look fat. you look pregnant, which is different. cause it's not like you look like a fatty that sat down one day and devoured 4,135 thousand boxes of twinkies. you look, pregnant, which just makes your tummy stick out. which is perfectly adorable!

so stop! or i will write you up! ;)

Meg 'n Heath said…
how fun just wait for about 20 weeks and then die when your see your self. its fun to see your belly get big over the weeks and its also hard especially when you were so skinny to begin with. good luck you look awesome.
Sharolee said…
I haven't even seen this blog yet but I love it!! yay for baby!
LibTenney said…
You look great! Definitely a baby bump and not fat at all :) Just wait until after baby when you think you will never get your body back. He will say even cuter things then. Hope you are feeling better these days
lynniethepooh said…
Nikki, you are beautiful! Stop feeling fat and ugly... because this is only the beginning! It is all exciting, and worth it. You are beautiful and I am SO excited to be an AUNT!
The Halls said…
Thanks guys you are all so sweet! :)
Thanks for commenting too it makes me feel special!
paislea said…
cute new layout! i love it! and yes, go have some ice cream tonight. it will be so tasty!! ♥
Esplins said…
Nik you're funny and you have a sweet hubby to put you at ease. You totally have the pregnant look and it suits you great. You looked good at dinner the other night so put those worries to rest! Enjoy it!
paislea said…
yes. you have to teach me. i mean, it can't be that hard, i just need to learn how to braid on someone before i do it on myself! hah.

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