Mike and I were wrong about a boy! We are so excited to have a baby girl! For years and years and years I have prayed for a girl, technically I wasn't praying for me. I was praying for my mom to have one, but my prayers have been answered! We are so excited. I have already bought 5 outfits and the cutest Crocs!
Ps. Mike blogged! Click here to see!

That's between the her legs! 20 weeks!

Cute lil feet!
Her spine and her head we couldn't get a good shot because she was buried down deep, but were going back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound so we can see her head!
This is an old pic from the 8 Week ultrasound.  she looks like a froggy?
Their are faint lines measuring her head to her bum telling us the exact due date. DEC 20th!


Whitney Parry said…
Very cute pictures of your little girls! Time to decorate the room now!!
Esplins said…
Congrats!! A baby girl will be so fun!

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