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PEYTON TAJMA HALL Mike and I were wrong about a boy! We are so excited to have a baby girl! For years and years and years I have prayed for a girl, technically I wasn't praying for me. I was praying for my mom to have one, but my prayers have been answered! We are so excited. I have already bought 5 outfits and the cutest Crocs!
Ps. Mike blogged! Click here to see!

That's between the her legs! 20 weeks!
Cute lil feet! Her spine and her head we couldn't get a good shot because she was buried down deep, but were going back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound so we can see her head! This is an old pic from the 8 Week ultrasound.  she looks like a froggy? Their are faint lines measuring her head to her bum telling us the exact due date. DEC 20th!

Patience is a Virtue?

I am going to bust!
COME FRIDAY AT 11:50 AM we will find out!!!
I want to hear what everyones guesses are!! SO COMMENT AND LET US KNOW!


I think its a boy! Why? Because right now I've had 6 very vivid boy dreams. I'm sure they are just my subconscious, but who knows?

Mike has no idea he is leaning more toward boy because I keep calling the baby He and Him (on accident...)


Our friends Brittany and Jay are on vaycay and let us watch Cali! In a way its pure torture because I know I have to give her back. In another way its heaven because I love love love GREAT DANES! She is such a good dog! She if very funny though! I was laying on our bed the other night and she sniffed the book Harry Potter for a good 3 min. She smells everything it makes us laugh because she has probably already smelled it like ten min ago.

She has a pink toy and it looks and sounds like she is chewing bubble gum I tried to get a good, but it doesn't work out so well.

 Yes that is Payden and Cali in the carrier...
She sits at the top of the stairs and just stares at its its really funny! Mike playing COD MW2! Mike trying to play ha ha ha

July 24th Events

Tee time 6:10 at Fox Hollow and it was beautiful!
I personally played horrible.... I was nervous! I've never golfed with my brothers and dad.
My biggest flaw is watching the club hit the ball. You'd think i'd learn from softball how to keep my head down...
I may or may not have tee'd up in the fairway and hit my driver. I call it the prego mulligan :)

Over all Mike and well... We Lost! Ashton well he kicked our butts! Colton and Frank had a nice little competition going :)

Then we went and got some grub. Then Mike went to pick up Cali while I had a nap at the parents! :)
I had a migraine and I don't get migraines ever! Thank goodness for muscle relaxers!
We played with Cali for the rest of the day and that evening we went to GoodWood BBQ YUM!
Then it was off to the Baseball Game and some fireworks!!

Whit and Ashton
Lynne and Colton
Hannah (my cousin) and Dane
Mom and Dad (they weren't ready sorry)

We weren't ready either...

July 24th 2010

I can't believe it has been four years since my car accident.
I also can't believe how much has happened in the last four years.

Married for a year and a half to the love of my life Micheal Wayne Hall
Baby on the way! 18 weeks!
Ashton and Whitney have been married two and a half years!
Colton and Lynne have been married a year and a half!
Chase and Tillie ENGAGED!
Dane and Theresa they're growing up!
Mom and Dad are both 50 and Grand Parents!  He He He  I'm sure i'll get in trouble for that later ;)

I didn't think i'd ever be able to post these, but I've decided I will.

I took these a few days ago so they are current. Don't make fun of my tan line :)


I will admit I've been dying to get new couches....  The couches we have had well they are college bachelor pad couches....

I don't have a pic of the blue one sadly, but you get the idea...

We just moved into our new home in LEHI!! I said the first thing I want are new couches!
And guess what we got!!! NICE NEW HUGE LEATHER COUCHES!!!

I should have taken a pic with all of the guys sitting because these pics don't do it justice as to how big they actually are!
Were still in the process of moving in but you get the idea!

Mike said-
Nikki's the best "Couch Lady" ever! 10:10 PM Jul 18th via txt

I was hoping this nickname was going to die after I got amazing couches. Nope! Now its just worse ;)


Mike, Colby, Payden and Phil
Not sure whats going on here... I'm guessing Mike wasn't to happy with his golf game and was having a little temper tantrum? 

UMMMMM???? I'm scarred...
I called Mike after find out I was pregnant... I was crying, but won't tell him why so this is him being a good husband and calming me down.... :)

Strawberry Days RODEO

Mike and I usually go every night, but this year with me being so sick all the time we wend Wed. and Thurs. 
Both of the couples we went with had never been! I know crazy people huh! 
We went with Paislea and Marcos the first night.

I want this horse!

We went with Josh and Dee the second night!

That bull looks like he is going to eat me!
Cow milking!