The Parry Family!
We haven't taken any pictures since everyone is married or soon to be. We will be taking a normal picture later, but as for now this is as normal as you get!
Top Row: Frank (dad), Chase, and Ashton
Middle: Juli (mom), Tillie, Whitney and Lynne
Bottom: Mike, Nikki, Dane, Theresa and Colton
Mike and Nikki

Ashton and Whitney

If you want to see his work click here!


paislea said…
i want to do this. this looks like so much fun.

thanks for sharing!

Brian and Kayla said…
Nikki I'm almost sure you are the only friend I have that goes skeet shooting too. Hope your pregnancy isn't too hard. Sounds like you're pretty sick.
Whitney said…
Um... do you know that Stacey is my aunt? Ha. Random.. cool how do you guys know her?

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