Fathers Day 2010

Franklin Charles Parry.
I call him Frank :) It’s hard for me to write about him because I get emotional. When I think of my dad I think of someone that I hope I can be like some day. He would give me the shirt off of his back if I asked for it. Maybe it’s because I’m his only girl or maybe it’s because he is just that great of a person, but he will do anything for me. My dad named me, my dad gave me a blessing when I was near death, my dad is a provider for his family, my dad is an honest man, my dad serves in the temple every week, my dad is the greatest example to me. I love you Dad!

Michael Wayne Hall (father-in-law)
My new father is one of the happiest people I know. It is very rare that I don’t see him smiling. He always gives me a hug and asks me how I’m doing.  Right now he is a Bishop in a BYU ward and he loves everyone in that ward. He serves diligently and faithfully. He has a Christ-like love about him. He is patient and he is kind. He hates bananas! His one downfall is that he likes BYU, don’t worry I forgive him of that. ;) He is successful in all of his endeavors. He raised the love of my life. Dad I love you!

Michael Wayne Hall (my husband)
Mike I don’t know where to start. You continue to surprise me every single day, especially over the last 3 months. I have been so sick and you have been right there holding me up telling me everything is going to be okay and that it is all worth it. When I am throwing up you are there to hold my hair and rub my back. When I can’t move you pick me up and take me to bed. If I am broken you figure out how to fix me. You clean up my messes and cook me what I can eat. What more could a girl want? You love me even when I am grouchy as a bear.  Most of all you love our baby. You won’t even let me have a sip of Pepsi, you always make sure I have taken my prenatals for the day.  If I am sleeping on my back you roll me over or wake me up so I will sleep on my side. You are already a great dad. You make me laugh when I don’t want to. Mike you make me so happy! The happiest! You work so hard and have accomplished so many of your goals in life already. I love you babe.

Father in Heaven
You are always there when ever I need you. You always help me get through. You can make me feel peace when I didn’t think I could. You gave me your son and let him die for me and my sins. You have given me more blessings than I deserve. You have not let death touch me when it was so close. You listen to my friends and my family and are there for them. You let me come in your home and teach me how to be with you again. I love you Heavenly Father.


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