Month after Month I had dream about a little boy with blonde hair and blue shoes. Cutest kid I've ever seen. I'm not saying I'm having a boy. I'm just saying I like good dreams.
April 16th  it's all i could think about. That night I could not sleep. Mike was gone to St. George for Colby s bachelor party. I was babysitting Theresa and she was sleeping in my bed with me. I couldn't stop thinking about it.
April 17th at 2:00 in the morning I was lying awake and all I could think about was you.
 Could I really be a mother?
I knew first thing in the morning I would have to go get a test.
Remind you I was still watching Theresa and I didn't know what to do. I just knew I had to find out.
I told her we had to go get some "Cleaning Supplies".  And that we did I grabbed some random spray and told her she could get something for her self to keep her distracted. Bought 3 tests. I wanted to have a clear cut answer.

I ran straight to the bathroom and took a test. I sat there and saw a + I thought dang it I was wrong. No baby yet. Then I looked at the box. WAIT! a +  really a +  Then I cried good tears of course!  Wow can this be true? I am going to be a mommy. Then I started to doubt. I've heard of a false positive. So I came out hooked up Rockband for Theresa and drank as much water as I could and took another test. + again.  YES! I went in to my room and knelt down and thanked my heavenly father for this wonderful responsibility.
Another very spiritual experience for me.

No I am just waiting for Mike to get home.  It is now Sunday and I had one more test. Well why not! Yep another +!
So Mike will be home in 2 hours and I still haven't decided how to tell him. If my calculations are correct the baby will be due Dec. 20th  I have no idea how I am going to tell him! There is always the bun in the oven.... Gosh I just don't know.

So the plan was not to tell any Family or Friends till we know the Sex. That is 4 months.Ha ha ha yeah right!!

I can't stop crying. Tears of Joy! I am very scared. I will not lie I am terrified. Hospitals, doctors,  needles, and exams are my biggest fears. I know it will be worth it though. I am luck to have a husband that will go with me and talk me through it all.
There you go will it be a Peyton Tajma Hall or a Houston Michael Hall?  I'm leaning toward a boy because of all of my dreams, but I have no clue.  What ever the baby is I just hope its healthy!

PS. I am off Pepsi and DP. The moment I had a though I could be I said good bye to cola products i'll see you in 9 months ish.

I told the daddy today!
 He came home and said babe I have presents for you!
1. Cute Earings 2. Cute Ring  3. A Case of Pepsi Throwback (little did he know that was torture not a present) :)
Then I said hey I got you a present too!!!
Then I gave him a Woot box so he would think I ordered it from Woot. (his favorite nerd site).
I put in all 3 positive tests, 1 prenatal pill, 2 cute Christmas shirts and last, but not least 1 page from Dec 20th that said Baby Hall DUE!!!!

He looked at me and said ARE YOU SERIOUS!  HE IS SOOO HAPPY! He even teared up a little soo cute!
Awe! I can't wait to tell all of you now!!!


Sadey said…
Nikki I am so excited for you both! Congrats! You are going to be a great mommy. I hope you get feeling better! Sounds like you've got a wonderful doctor to help you with that though :)
Alea said…
Congratulations! Pregnancy is a lot of fun (lol) but mommyhood is the greatest! Don't worry about your "fears." If anything is worth the pain, a baby certainly is (at least that's what I kept telling myself during labor. haha!) You'll do great. I know you will! ;)
Sereia said…
We are so happy for you! You are going to be great parents!
Aunt Yara and Uncle Duff

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