NYC Day One May 1st 2010

CAR BOMB..... And who was in Times Square?  um Mike and I...

My first time in a subway!

On the Subway!

He wasn't as excited as I was.

At NYC Temple off to go do a session!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

They sent us to do an LDS photo shoot!!! For the website and the visitor centers!

In Time Sq. I ran into Spider Man!

He taught me how to shoot a web! :)

Mike LOVES New York hot dogs!

Time Square! Story time! If you look to the left that is The Lion King. Just a few hours after this photo was taken a car was parked there with a bomb in it..... Scary!

Times Sq.

Mike being silly

Oh hello!


At the M&M STORE!

Ironic because I hate chocolate!

Another crazy face from Micheal Wayne Hall!

I vote the green m&m is the best!

The End!


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