I'm dead i'm dead i'm dead.


Today I died. I layed in my bed till 1:00 I think my stomach hates me. I am so nautious. I don't want to think about food or work. The one thing that makes me feel better is food, but its the one thing that makes me even more natiuous to think about....   Thanks Mike for making me eat a strawberry spinach and crasin salad. I'm so lucky to have a guy that will take care of me. It was healthy and it make me feel a little better.

I signed up for these updates from two websites.
Baby Center and What to Expect.com
They're amazing! I have learned so much in just one week. ." Her heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute." THAT IS INSANE! I have an apt tomorrow and I hope I get to hear it! 
 According to these site I am 6 weeks and today our baby is a size of a lentil! 
 Now on  May 7th  Week 8: RaspberryAverage size: .63 in, .04 oz

I went to the OBGYN today!
Mike had 5 finals today and he was booked so I had to go alone, because I don't want to tell the family until after NYC! We have a cute idea for a surprise!
Dr."I'm not telling for stalker sake" (ask me if you want to know)-  He amazing he was sooo nice to me! I was suppose to have the "exam" and a ultra sound and blood taken and all that jazz. I was dry heaving while waiting for him and when he came in he said were not going to do anything to day except get you better! (I haven't been able to go to work the last two days because I have been extremely sick) He put an IV in me and said " today is slow so I am just going to keep you in here for a while and close this room off" What a nice guy! He gave me some nasua medicine and a whole bag of fluids. AMAZING I KNOW! HE ROCKS! The worst part was the IV, but it wasn't that bad because he talked me through it :)
I can't wait till May 10th! For the Ultra Sound and to hear the heart beat!


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