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Graduation for Mr. Michael Wayne Hall!!!

He has graduated in Digital Media from Utah Valley University!  Micheal we are so proud of you!

Happy Day!

Shaking the important peoples hands!

Receiving his Diploma!

After Graduation The Halls, The Parrys and the adopted son Payden went to Tucanos!!!

Adam, Mike and Amanda!

Papa Mike, Micheal and Suzanne!

Nanny and Mike!

I did a good job of staying out of the pics. I was not feeling so good. I wish I would have taken some of the table at Tucanos, because Mike had a lot of support and its wonderful that we have families who are there for us!
Congrats again Michael! I love you!
In my previous video it talks about the weird people of NYC! I thought this guy was weird and then I realized he is a priest... OOPS!

The Priest from Mike Hall on Vimeo.

Breath Taking!

I am 8 weeks and 1 day today! My Mom, Micheal and I went to the doctors and he did an ultrasound and let us hear the heart beat! It was breath taking! It was such an amazing experience we all teared up even my hubby! If the throwing up didn't make it real. This certainly did!!!!

What do you guys think?
For a boy:  Houston Michael Hall or  Wyatt Micheal Hall
For a girl:   Peyton Tajma Hall     or   Sawyer Tajma Hall

Sorry I lost a bet once with the middle name being Tajma so I can't change that for the girl :(

I wanna hear your opinions!

Other top names:
Girl: Presley, Paislea, Lilly
Boy: Wyatt, Jaxon
 I guess that's it for now. You could say i'm a country girl by the name I choose :)

 2009 Most Popular Names

Girls' NamesBoys' Names    1IsabellaAiden    2SophiaEthan    3EmmaJackson    4OliviaJayden    5AvaJacob    6MadisonNoah    7MadelynCaden    8ChloeLogan    9LilyLucas    10AddisonJack    11AbigailMatthew    12EmilyRyan    13HaileyBrayden    14M…


Watch it till the end!
Yes its true! SURPRISE!



Month after Month I had dream about a little boy with blonde hair and blue shoes. Cutest kid I've ever seen. I'm not saying I'm having a boy. I'm just saying I like good dreams.
April 16th  it's all i could think about. That night I could not sleep. Mike was gone to St. George for Colby s bachelor party. I was babysitting Theresa and she was sleeping in my bed with me. I couldn't stop thinking about it.
April 17th at 2:00 in the morning I was lying awake and all I could think about was you.
Could I really be a mother?
I knew first thing in the morning I would have to go get a test.
Remind you I was still watching Theresa and I didn't know what to do. I just knew I had to find out.
I told her we had to go get some "Cleaning Supplies".  And that we did I grabbed some random spray and told her she could get something for her self to keep her distracted. Bought 3 tests. I wanted to have a clear cut answer.

I ran straight to the bathroom and …

I'm dead i'm dead i'm dead.


Today I died. I layed in my bed till 1:00 I think my stomach hates me. I am so nautious. I don't want to think about food or work. The one thing that makes me feel better is food, but its the one thing that makes me even more natiuous to think about....   Thanks Mike for making me eat a strawberry spinach and crasin salad. I'm so lucky to have a guy that will take care of me. It was healthy and it make me feel a little better.

I signed up for these updates from two websites.
Baby Center and What to
They're amazing! I have learned so much in just one week. ." Her heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute." THAT IS INSANE! I have an apt tomorrow and I hope I get to hear it! 
 According to these site I am 6 weeks and today our baby is a size of a lentil! 
 Now on  May 7th  Week 8: RaspberryAverage size: .63 in, .04 oz

I went to the OBGYN today!
Mike …

Marriage is what brings us together today!

So many people are getting married and I love it! Join to married club!!! It ROX!!!

God created marriage, for he knew we'd need a friend.
To share our hopes and dreams with, and love us 'till the end.
God created marriage, to teach us how to share.
All our earthly assets, and make us more aware;
That someone else's feelings, are more important than our own.
And not one of us is perfect, so we can't cast a stone.
God created marriage,to teach us to forgive.
His life was our example, He showed us how to give.
God created marriage, to teach us how to say.
"I love you" to another person, each and every day.
April 22nd 2010 Colby and Heather Danklef
May 22nd 2010 Kristen and Nate Tesch July 23rd 2010 Amy and Sam Naugle
August 5th 2010 Janae and Spencer Larsen

Rockefeller Center!


So I have been waiting to post the rest of the days because I am a little mad... My camera deleted a bunch of awesome pics!  So the one where were in the top of the crown at the statue of liberty GONE! Our Videos and pics in front of Lady Liberty GONE.... all of Ellis Island GONE.
So I have been mad at my camera and hoping for a miracle. I guess this means we will just have to go back again soon!
On the ferry going to the Statue of Liberty!


Showing off the "bump"
The actual crown

Being silly!
Little miss sick and prego walked up  354 steps (22 stories) to the CROWN!

This is where our pictures of us inside and all around should go....So here are some from Google.
 Ellis Island

Ground Zero! 
I was shocked at how tall the buildings are!
What we bought at CHINA TOWN!

WICKED!  It was amazing! It really deserves its own post in and of its self.


Welcome to my acne and up my nose....

NYC Times Square from Mike Hall on Vimeo.

NYC Day 3!

This was not a good day for me. I was so sick and so tired... The videos where I am in the green are from day 3 so you can tell...

We woke up really early! I believe 6:00am NYC time which is 4:00 Mountain time. I was dead! The reason for lack of beauty sleep is. Jimmy Fallon!
We went and stood in stand by to see if they had extra seats! They sure did. They told us to come back at 4:00 pm. 

So we went and grabbed some breakfast next to the Today Show!
We then went and saw Al Roker out side of the Today Show! I tried getting a pictures but all I got was the top of his head. :)

Side Note:
This Asian couple came up to me and asked me to take a picture.  I said " My husband can my hands are full". I guess I forgot to say it and just sat there looking at them. Mike was like oh she doesn't speak English. They imminently apologized to me. I didn't defend my self... I was still confused on what just happened. I was tired and pregnant (leave me alone)!!!!! After they left he…

NYC Day 2 and Celebrating 1 year anniversary!

May 2nd 2010!
We slept in and it was great!!!!!!!  We went to the Yankee, White Sox game! It was so much fun!  Way up in the nose bleeds
My first National Baseball game! Go sox even though they got creamed!  Not ready for the pic lol Happy Anniversary!!!! I love love love cotton candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
After the game we went back and got all dressed up for a nice dinner i'm sad we forgot to take pics!  We at The Palm! Mike and I both love steak and mashed potatoes medium or medium rare please!!! :) NYC 206 West Street It was so fun if your ever in NYC go there! Its worth the price!  New York Strip!  Then Mike got Chocolate warming cake! He loves that stuff! He got a little crazy with that! ;)

NYC Day One May 1st 2010

CAR BOMB..... And who was in Times Square?  um Mike and I...

My first time in a subway!
On the Subway!

He wasn't as excited as I was.

At NYC Temple off to go do a session!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

They sent us to do an LDS photo shoot!!! For the website and the visitor centers!
In Time Sq. I ran into Spider Man!
He taught me how to shoot a web! :)

Mike LOVES New York hot dogs!
Time Square! Story time! If you look to the left that is The Lion King. Just a few hours after this photo was taken a car was parked there with a bomb in it..... Scary!

Times Sq.
Mike being silly

Oh hello!

At the M&M STORE!

Ironic because I hate chocolate!
Another crazy face from Micheal Wayne Hall!
I vote the green m&m is the best!

The End!