Is there a prescription for that?

Soooooo Today I went to the Doctor ALL BY MY SELF!  You want to know how long it has been since I have done that?


I have this phobia of hospital and blood and needles and well everything that has to do with that!

Why? I'll tell you why!
July 24, 2006

Today I had an allergy test. I've been sick for quite some time now. This is what my Dr. said to do.
I got there at 9:00 and didn't leave till 10:30 an hour and a half alone. I'm pretty proud of my self, it wasn't easy.

The nurse sat me down and asked me a bazillion questions. EX. Is it worse at night or when you wake up. Have you noticed any allergies. What foods don't you like. All sorts of random things.

Then she got out the needles.......................................................................................
I then started to well be a BIG BABY!
I then explained that I'm not going to watch and if she could keep talking to me that tends to help. She then asked why and what was upsetting me I quickly told her about my experience. She was so nice probably the nicest nurse I have ever met!!!!

Then it was time I got poked 6 times across the top of my arm just blow my shoulder. She said "Wow its going to hurt more than normal because you have tough skin." WELL WHAT EVER THAT MEANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we waited and waited and waited it ITCHED!

Then she did the forearm tests.
Lets just say I had to wait 30 min before she put Benadryl on the stop the itch. I was patient and if you know me I am NOT A PATIENT PERSON! It was the longest 30 min of my life!

She then poked my

Not my arm, but this is exactly what it looked like!


Scale 1 being low and 6 being high

Birch- 5
Box Elder- 4
Cottonwood- 6
Elm- 6

Cat- 4
Horse- 6
Dog- Negative!                  - WAHOO!

Alfalfa- 4
Johnson- 6
Bermuda- 5
Rye- 6

Kochia- 6
Lambs Quart-4
Pig Weed- 4
Plantain- 4
Ragweed- 4
Russian Thi- 4
Sage Brush- 4


All I have to say to that is I have horses and this test isn't about to stop me from riding!
I have 2 Cats and well sorry there not going anywhere!
I LOVE DOGS! I am so glad I tested negative!

You can't really tell because i'm so white and my camera is bad. 
After the Benadryl

Oh yes I did go to another Dr. today that will be a post for another time, because right i'm going to beddy by! 
Mike did come with me to this one. Baby steps people! 


Esplins said…
Nikk good job going to the doc on your own. Sorry about the allergy thing. Way to be strong though. Let me know if you need anything.
Brian and Kayla said…
I'm suspicious about the other Dr. appointment but I won't get my hopes up.
The Halls said…
No no for my back silly!
Brian and Kayla said…
Oh come on Nikki! Davey needs a friend...

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