FlipFold, Alice In Wonderland and Bryan Regan!

The Flip Fold is what I got my for Valentines day along with other things. He is always making sure the linnens and towles and all of our laundry is ship shape. It takes him hours! I think OCD!
So I got him this! Surprisingly he loves more than I would have imagined. :)

You should see how organized we are now and half the time! I could be the lady on the infomercial! ha ha ha


We got out of the movie around 3 am. It was blizzard out there!

The next day!  I hate snow, but its very pretty!

The Halls took us to Brian Regan Wed, March 9th. I didn't know any of his jokes, but I have to tell you it has been a long time since I have laughed that hard!! With tenth row seats you can see his facial.
The Temple looked so pretty sorry its blurry :(

The End 


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