Well, i'm kind of mad thanks for letting me vent!

1. We didn't get the house we wanted. Our realitor called and the house was sold that day. for freaking real I know how lame is that. Oh well what can ya do? Find another house we love I guess!

Now that we didn't get it I can show you how awesome it was!

3555 W NEWLAND LOOP, Lehi, UT 84043**

2. Internet Explorer! I hate you go die! I have been doing some HTML coding and IE is a pain in the butt! GO CHROME AND FIREFOX!

3. LILLY on American Idol was voted off. Now that is lame! She was soo sooo good!
My next choice to win is Lacey! WOOT GO LACEY!

4. I can't really say. but thanks for letting me vent to you about it right now. GRRRRRR! I love Mike for making it better though! I have such an incredible hubby!

5. Luna and Miss Midnight got new tires. There goes $1,500 smackers.  I'm not to mad about this one, but dang I sure could have used that on clothes in NYC lol.

6. Lastly, I'm really upset that the Glee Live Tour isn't coming here to Utah. What a bunch of jerks. I am so mad I might not watch the show when it starts back up in April... okay, I will. Peace fools.



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