Go Jazz Go!

Mike and I have been pretty busy lately! Work and school and work and school! I'm so excited for Mike to graduate in April! I know he is very excited as well! We are looking for a new house to buy in the AF area, well most all of Utah county besides Provo. No offense Provo, but I have to leave you.
We went the the Jazz, Laker game. We were very excited to go! The seats were amazing as usual! Thank you Halls for the invite! Korver played he had a knee brace on, but he played!

In the D-Will Jersey!

Ronnie Price represent UVU!! Now playing for the Jazz!

In the Boozer Jersey at the top of the stairs!

I'm a Laker Hater! Especially you Kobe!
He didn't even play. and # 18 your a butt!

Taken from the 10th row! Go Boozer!

AK setting up the screen for D-Will

 Lynne and Thersea on the Court!!

Lynne right behind the players! She said Korvers mouth guard was gross lol


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