I met all of you in elementary! I am so glad all of you are still in my life today! I love you guys!
I know I have made many friends after elementary, but these are the original friends! I was trying to find old pictures and I couldn't :( anyway here you go guys!

Spencer Thomas Larsen- Spence,  My Best Man, My Maid of Honor what ever you wanna call him. The one who knows my good and bad side. He has always been there.  I believe at Jordan Petersons house, but to be honest I'm not sure. Spencer you are the person who has seen my cry more than anyone. I can tell anything to you! You are my best friend and I know that anything I do or say you will never judge me thanks for being there over the years!

Emilee Westover Williams- Em, One day Emilee came down with  her brother Mike. At first we were little brats to each other, I'm guess because were are so much a like. We would build forts and ride my horses bare back. Emilee has gone through a lot in her life. I look up to her so much! She is a very strong mother and person. Thank you Emilee for teaching me to be strong when life gets hard.

Kristen Price soon to be Tesch-Kris, is my down to earthy girl. She is the motherly friend who is not a mother yet, she is always keeping us in line. I am so grateful for her being the responsible one. She has always had a testimony of the church and by this it has helped me through lots of difficult times to eventual gaining my own. She will be the one besides my own mother that I call to ask the tough baby questions.

Amy June Purdie- AJ Nurdie! Another 4th grade friend! She is the one who inspires me to keep dancing! The one that loves to be crazy and have silly fun with me. We get in these moods and do silly things! You want black mail go to Amy she has lots of videos of me and my crazy side!

Leah Stoker Hill- Leah Lou, Leah is my number one example of how to live my life. She is the one that I look up to when I am down. She knows how to turn to the lord in hard times. She has always kept her values and stayed strong to what she believes in. She is the toughest of my friends and very athletic don't let that shorty fool you she is strong like a giant!

Haley Kelley-  Hay, Has a very contagious laugh, once she starts giggling you start giggling. She has always been very camera shy. I hope to take enough pics of her that someday she gets over that. As kids we played bloody mary in the dark which causes me to have a fear of bathrooms in the dark. Ha Ha Ha Thanks Hay!

Kayla Salisbury Cook- Kay, and I have had our moments! I won't go in to detail, but one time with a banana I almost hurt that girl. We liked to push each other buttons, but when I came down to it we really just loved each other. Kayla is another one of my friends that always helped me when I was down. She is very silly an a lot of fun. Hey ho to the bottle I go to hear my heart and to drown my woe. This is a song we sang and memorized of of LOTR I'm not sure why, but that was such a fun memory!


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