What a week!

I would just like to make this clear! I didn't jump on the band wagon, but GO VIKINGS! Its actually more like go Brett Favre! Your my hero! I am still a Packer, but now I am torn when it comes to which to cheer for. Luckily they only play each other twice so I can cheer for both.  Way to spank those Cowboys Brett keep it up!

Amy, Haley, Payden, Mike and I had a ton of fun rockin it out with the Beatles!
Mike has this outfit that makes him look like a Beatle and I asked him to dress up for me and guess what he did! 

Watching Calypso! 
This is Brittany and Jay's Dog she is awesome! They went out of town and Mike and I got the dog sit. She was so fun in this pic I look like i just lost a match and I did! :) I wrestled with her for a good half hour. She is one tough cookie!


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