Shotgun Shootin!

Hey Ya'll!  The Halls, The Parrys and The Butlers went shooting! It was way fun! Han bought a sweet thrower so now we don't have to use the hand throwers. (Valentines day is coming up) hint hint jk Mike.
No, but really this thing is awesome! We had so much fun! Mike is become more and more of a hunter everyday. Hopefully soon he takes Hunter Safety hint hint!!!  Then he can shoot real animals and not just clay discs.

Han with his new toy!

The Gang

Getting Ready

Were so cool!

We are across the lake in Saratogo area and the Mtns look so pretty I'm bummed the pic didn't turn out. Oh well there will be lots of opportunity. We go there often.



The Battle of the Butlers! She won yes she sure did! 2nd time ever shooting a shot gun.

Father, Daughter so cute!

The Parry Family!

Cleaning up shells!


Esplins said…
Yay for shooting! I'm pretty sure Steve and I were in that same area on Saturday. We went shooting out there in the afternoon. Hmmmm small world. Tell Mike I'll get my hunter's safety with him. Steve has wanted me to get mine for a long time. He wants me to hunt with him this year so I better get it quick.

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