Picture This

Its 2:00 AM and someone just said something probably not that funny, but you can't help but laugh your butt off! I feel like that is Mike and Nikki all the time! We make each other laugh all day every day!
We are both crazy people and very weird.
I am starting this list because I want to remember the odd things we do apart and together.

1. I cannot drink out of glass cups with out a straw, unless its at a home and even then I hate it!
2. I cannot drink hot coco at a gas station with out 5 red mini straws.
3. If I'm cold then I am as ornery as a bear.
4. TMI- I can't use the bathroom anywhere else besides my house or my parents house.
5. I'm a very picky eater! I do not like chocolate, bananas, most nuts, pie, mushrooms, ham, bacon, pretty much pork! Unless its sweet pork from Costa Vida.
6. Mike says I always sneeze twice I can't just sneeze once.
7. I cannot go into a bathroom with the lights off. Its the mirror that gets me. (we played bloody Mary as a kid)
8. I am a kid at heart. I love the Chipmunks and Super Mario Bro. Wii is my fav I'm addicted!
9. I try to use my key fob (keyless entry remote) to unlock regular doors. I was standing out side of my house for five minutes trying to unlock the door to get inside my house. It only works on my Mazda. DUH!
10. I talk like a hick. I am from Utah, but still saying Crick and Fer are embarrassing.
11. I am the most stubborn person you will meet. I dare you to name some one more stubborn than I.
12. I have issues with BYU. Its not that I hate the school. It's a great school its the few individules who think their holyer then though attitude. My Mom and mother in law and friends that use to go there or are there thank you for not being like this. This is why I know that BYU isn't all bad. There's just a few kids i'd like to punch.
13. I cannot get my hair to grow. I'm taking prenatials, No dice. Mike trade me hair foliculs.
14. My immune system is shot. I am alway sick, my stomach hates me!
15. We give things and people nick names. Our neighbors- The nice house, Grandma Death, the nocturnals. and our tongan friend Philly, aka mole.
16. When I lock my car I have to hear the horn so I know its electronically locked. I get some good distance in parking lots :)
17. If I am mad at you beyond the point of no return. Flowers get me every time! 
18. I like driving. I tend to be a back seat drive if I am not in control. I got in a major car accident so now i'm particular with other drivers. 

1. He makes up his owns songs sometimes I know the melody. Usually he makes that up to.
2. He makes up his own words sometimes by combining two words, others are just completely random.  Ex.      Waberoo, Glander thats a glance and a gander not sure if that was Payden or Mike.
3. He give everyone nick names and they tend to change. Right now he calls me Lady (sophisticated). Last week I was Escalator (with a Spanish accent).
4. He blow drys his hair! He does have long hair right now, but still its funny to see him using a pink blow dryer.
5. Farmville is his favorite thing right now! He eats and sleeps Farmville.
6. He likes my girly showes he won't admit it, but he reminds me if I forget to DVR them. :)
7. His toes are glossy because I gave him a peddi! He loves it, not the glossy toes, but the peddi.
8. He gets these ideas... Right now he is making candles he bough the wax, the sent, the wicks and the glass. I love the limes ones! He likes to try new things like that little hobbies here and there.
9. He uses my deodorant! He likes the smell! Don't worry I've resorted to hiding it!
10. He wants our first daughters name to be Tajma Hall....
11. He puts Sriracha on everything! Nasty!
12. He love love loves OPRAH!
13. If there is a medical form, well really any type of form we have to fill out Mike loves it!
14. He has to have his car clean. Not our room, not our office, not our kitchen, not the living room or the diing room. HIS CAR...
15. I put him in charge of the linen closet. There all folded a certain way there all color coordinated and stacked by size. I think he has his OCD moments. :)
16. He has fooled everyone to think he is not ticklish because he can hid it so well. I am not fooled. He laughs like a little girl if you can get him to show he is ticklish.
17. His facial hair grows like a weed. Well all of his hair for that matter pretty soon he could donate to locks of love. Or Nikki's Hair Fund!
18. He is obsessed with wires. He has huge boxes of wires. Although they other day He put my computer on the TV with one of those wires and I was impressed. So its hard to dis all the boxes...

 Meet Fred! He is our icicle that grows on the side of our house! Mike named him. He comes and goes, but in the winter he is usually there everyday!


Michael said…
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh I love you so! You forgot to tell everyone that your nickname last year was Sheboygan. Also, the word glander sadly isn't my own... it's payden. Wabberoo is all mine though! I love you lady. You're the bestest!

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