Mikes Get Together!

Due to late reservations :) We were not able to go to Macaroni Grill (Mikes Favorite) We have been hearing for a long time now that our friends love Shoots.  My friends from work go there too and they told me they have Boba my favorite drink in the world I think its my Pepsi Replacement... So we went there because its in the same strip mall as Macaroni Grill.
I only notified everyone a few days before and placed an event on Facebook and I can't believe all of the people that came. Thank you so much everyone Mike loved it!
The Parrys, The Halls, All of Mikes friends and all of my friends.

Mike drinking my strawberry boba.

Dane and Nikki

Nikki and the Birthday boy!

Ashton and Whitney

Waiting for our food.

One end of the table

Super Mario Wii - Thanks Parry's now we won't steel yours :)


Chase and Tille- Thanks for the sweet shirt and cologne!

Laughing at something

Kristen and Nate.   Whit and Ashton.

Chase and Tillie

Frank and Julie

Spencer and Janae

Shawn and Sarah

Craig and Jacquelinne

Their precious baby Oliva

Sam chowing down

Haley hates pictues!

Amy, Sam and Haley

After Shoots a bunch of us went to Wise Guys comediy. Alot of us tried to get hypnotized. Some of us succeeded. Haley, Kristen and Sarah. I ordered the Video, but it hasn't come yet. But just you wait!
It was halarious! We go alot now, because they do it every weekend. One of these days its going to work on me. 

Kris, Haley and Sarah "sleeping"

Standing at Attention


Sarah said…
So help me, You put that video on there, I will beat your butt. Seriously. :)
The Halls said…
I'm ready when you are! Bring it on! He He He I love you Sarah!

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