Happy 24th Birthday Mike!

January 28th 1986  - Michael Wayne Hall was born
To start out the day Mike had to go to school :( Lucky it was just one class he had to go to which gave me time to wrap presents!He left around 8 and came back at 10 to this.

I love long hair on guys! Mike had a poky outy like on the guy from the Little Rascals. 

What a beautiful day in Provo UT!

Reading my card with instructions and love.

First present. The essentials! 1. Food, underwear, a pictures of me, and Febreeze.
Weird yes I know, but you'll soon see why.

Second Present.

Water ha ha !  Then there was a 2nd note that said look in the laundry.

And what did he find! XBOX Elite!

So the reason he got the silly gifts were because I want him to survive in the front room while playing Xbox he he he :)

With a lot of games!

I asked him what he wanted for brunch he said IHOP. It brought back a lot of memories!

Mike with the stuffed animals at IHOP!

Then he wanted to see a movie. This was the only one we haven't seen. It was so funny! Kinda weird, but it made us laugh so hard a lot.

Dinner Time!  We went to Tucanos! 


The Grill

So Mike and I have this thing. We love to make forts. We brought our top mattress out and put in the the living room. It is so fun to do silly things with Mike! I think the solution would be a TV in our room, but i'm trying really hard to convince him otherwise. 



Jen Howick said…
Happy Birthday Mike (so weird to call you that!) I don't remember the day you were born, but I remember babysitting you a TON when you were a baby! Looks like Nikki gave you an awesome bday!!! Love ya!

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