December Birthdays!

December 5th - Mrs. Sarah Kolar!
We tried going to Tucanos, but it was reserved. So we went to Good Wood BBQ!

December 10th- Mr. Philly Hudson!
We went to Pizza Factory and had a wonderful time!

December 19th- Mr. Colby Danklef!  We went to  Tucanos and to see Avatar!

December 25th- If you don't know i'm not telling!

December 26th- Chantel (Tillie) Armistead!

December 27th- Dane, Chase & Uncle Doug!

Here are some random pictures of the parties!


Sarah said…
Ouch, I am not even on there? sad day dude. sad day....

The Halls said…
I'm sorry I will put you on there! Just think though you had a post all to your self!
Sarah said…
Lol Nikki, I love you. Very much. We need to play more!

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