Monday, December 27, 2010

1 Week

On Friday Dec. 24th at her doctors visit Peyton weighed 8.5 lbs which puts her in the 75th percentile. Most babies loose weight after birth, but not this girl. She measured 22.5 inc. which put her in the 99th percentile!!! She is off the charts, I know she doesn't get it from me it must be from Mike.

Mike said "It's amazing how much I love her after 7 days, I can't imagine my life with out her."
Mike took these photos at our house, pretty impressive I must say. He has a hidden talent!

A hint of green eyes, but mostly blue.
She is partially smiling, I love it when she smiles!
 P looks like she is picking her nose, but if you look close she isn't. I still think it's funny and cute.
 This is how most of the pictures turned out :) I'm glad we got a few amazing ones though.
* She has an attitude, if I don't feed her the second she decides she is hungry she thinks she is going to die and lets everyone know!
* She has different cries, I like the quite little whimper cry. She likes screaming...( going along with the first bullet point)
* She hates lights. She gets a huge scowl every time I turn one on, sleep or awake.
* She has figured out her binky or a finger doesn't provide milk. She also gets a scowl if you try and trick her. (I need to take a picture)
* She is spoiled! We knew she would be since she is the first grand baby on both sides, but it's more then I ever would have thought. In a good way.
* I don't mind waking up all hours of the night, it is usually her happiest times.
* Every time we are alone and she looks into my eyes I can't help but cry. I love her.
* Sometimes she snorts like a little piggy when she eats. It is so cute.
* Mike and I are bias, but she is the cutest baby we've ever seen. Even the nurses at the hospital said so... They probably say that to everyone lol.
* 5 out of 7 nights she has slept for 6 hours! 1 of those nights she slept for 8!!! Mike and I are very blessed.

I think that is enough for now. There are more, but I need to save them for next week :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peyton Tajma Hall

Born: December 19th 2010
Time: 8:36 PM
Weight: 8 lbs. 5 oz.
Length: 20.5 in.
Apgar: 10/10


5:40 AM the phone rings. It's the hospital calling to say they are ready and can induce me. I went and woke up Mike who actually got some sleep that night.

At about 8:00 we were all checked in and ready to go. I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. They put the IV in and I almost passed out. I got really nauseous and white. She kept poking me and and poking me finally she got it in... It was horrible, then they started the Pitosin. I waited to get the epidural because I wanted to feel some real contractions. They actually weren't bad at all I would have gone longer, but they were going to break my water and I wanted to be numb for that. I got the epidural around 11:45 and the doctor broke my water at 12:00 I was dilated to a 5. They put the Pitosin up to a 20 which is its max. We were progressing great and guessed that she would be here around 3. Then a turn for the worst...
About 5 nurses came running into the room. They put an oxygen mask on me and that when the flash backs of my accident started. They made me move to my other side. They took the monitors off of my belly and turned off the Pitosin. They then put internal monitors on her to track her heart rate more exactly and put a tube that would pump water back in. Once most of the nurses left and things calmed down I asked a nurse what was happening. Her heart rate had plummeted. I couldn't feel any of the contractions, but I guess I was having them under a minute apart and so she had no time to recover after each one. They also though that her cord might be pressing up against her head. After a few hours they turned the Pitosin back on to a 2 and slowly increased it every hour. Her heart rate stayed right where it needed to be for the rest of the delivery. Around 5:00 my epidural started wearing off. I had a button I could push, but even that wasn't working. I was feeling contractions again. They really weren't that bad, but I knew what was ahead and I didn't want to feel that. The esthetician gave me another dose, and this time I couldn't feel my legs. I was completely numb, luckily I could still push.

8:00 they kicked everyone out of room and checked me. My nurse said I was almost ready and that she wanted both Mike and I to take a half hour nap then I'd start pushing. Then my doctor walked in and said lets check you, he did and said lets go. No nap for us we by this time we had been there 13 hours and were ready to be done. He then asked me if I knew how to push I told him no he told the nurse to teach me and to come get him when we looked close. I had her on my left leg and Mike on my right. After about ten minutes of pushing she said I think I see hair. She was shocked! (she told my family it would be between 1 and 3 hours of pushing). I got really nauseous and we were only ten minutes in. I was going to throw up... Mike left real quick to go get me some ice chips and thats when I started puking. The nurse started freaking out she said you have to stop throwing up, this baby is crowning. Mike came back in the room and the nurse yelled at him to find the doctor.  They didn't even have time to drop the end of the table she was out!! All in all 20 minutes of pushing if that. She came out with the cord wrapped around her neck twice. That is why her heart rate dropped. We are very blessed that it stayed really high after that one incident. They then placed her on my chest. Mike and I just couldn't help but cry, the Spirit was so strong what an amazing experience.
They then took her and did the tests. She was born at 8:36 PM, weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz., and was 20.5" long. They gave her a 10 out of 10 on her Apgar scores! and was pink as can be.
We have come to the conclusion that she has my nose and eyes and Mikes chin and lips :)
She is a perfect little angel and was worth everything and anything that I have been through. We love her so much!

First family photo

Thursday, December 16, 2010

39 Weeks

Monday was my first day not working in a very long time. The last few days have been hard because I’m just playing the waiting game. I cleaned our WHOLE house on Monday. Nesting? I think so!  I couldn’t sleep all night. Mike and I went to the Dr. Tuesday morning. He said he would induce me if I was a 10 on the Bishops Score, last week I was a 9.  He checked me and we calculated it and he said I was around an 8. He said really if you’re not a 10 then there is a high risk of Cesarean. So of course we will wait, I'm not against C-Sections since I was told once that I might have one, but I'm not going to take any risks. I have another Dr.  appointment on Friday for another check up.
I am now 192lbs no thanks to egg nog…. I bought some yesterday around noon and as of right now it’s gone. It was only half a gallon, but still! I guess that means I’m off to the gym. 
I have A LOT of Braxton Hicks through out the day, but I finally have had a few real contractions! OUCH!! I just wish they'd get worse and closer together, but after about 3 they stop. I guess it's better than nothing right?

Winter thus far!

I have a bunch of random pictures that I haven't blogged about so here is one big post for all of them. 

Temple Square!
We usually go on the 19th since that is a special day for us, but we hope to be in the hospital. :)

 The Girls at Chase and Tillies reception

Thanksgiving Dinner, the table looked so beautiful, way to go MOM!
Colton waiting for everyone to sit down and being a nerd. 

My first Peddi! I won't like it was to ticklish for me. 
I'll just stick to the Mani's :)

Our cute glitter toes!
Can you tell which ones mine are?? Green and swollen!

Chase and Tillie! Married December 4th 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

38 Weeks!

We are down to weekly appointments! My Dr. is back and so now I can relax and Peyton can come. I weighed in at whopping 190lbs. I know it’s from the all Milk I've been drinking. I can't get enough of it. I'm at about a gallon every 2 days. Don't judge! :) I have kind of been dreading this appointment, but really excited for it all the same time. I knew he was going to check me... and he did just that. He was a little surprised to find that I am 80% effaced and ALMOST dilated to a 3. He said not quite, but pretty much. This was not a pleasant experience... Then he said "Do you want me to strip your membranes?" I was told by a few people to have this done and so of course I said yes. I'm not going to lie this hurt. I would do it again though it was bearable. He said "I can't promise anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if you have her this week. I don't want to get your hopes up though."  Mike and I went home and watched T.V. when my stomach started going crazy. I didn't have any labor contractions that I know of. They were defiantly Braxton Hicks. Short, irregular and painless. Last night the drain has been un-corked. I say that in code because it grosses me out and it's TMI, but it's the truth. Anyway no real contractions yet, so I came to work today hoping for some pain or at least some contractions I can time. Nothing yet... I actually keep telling myself she isn't going to come till the 19th or the 27th. Just so I don't go crazy.

If she comes on the 19th it would be epic! Mike and I met the 19th of Dec. 2006 and he purposed two years later on the 19th 2008. So having her on the 19th 2010 would be wonderful, but deep down I don't think that will happen. Sorry Colby I know you want her to being your birthday and all. :)
The 27th is also another wonderful day. It's Chase and Dane's birthday and also my uncle Doug's.
Only Heavenly Father knows when this little angel will make her day-beau.

Mike my sweet husband wanted to go to the hospital when the Braxton Hicks started. He is just so sweet always worried about me and P. He is going to be such a great dad; this little girl is going to have him wrapped around her finger, as if she doesn't already. :) He is looking for the perfect 1st year Christmas Ornament for her. He also bought the cutest little shoes for her first present, don't you worry I'll post pictures since he's already wrapped and put them under the tree.

My family is taking a poll of when she will arrive and her weight. We took this on Sunday before my Dr. appointment.

Dad-16th  6lbs 8oz
Mom -17th 6lbs 12oz
Ashton- 17th 9.0lbs
Whitney- 20th 7lbs 6oz
Colton- 15th 7lbs 1oz
Lynne- 19th 7lbs11oz
Chase- On his honeymoon
Tillie- 18th - On honeymoon
Nikki-13th 6lbs 10oz
Mike- 19th 7lbs 9oz
Hannah- 16th 8lbs 1oz
Thersea- Sick at home
Dane- 14th 6lbs 7 oz

I put my hands 3 different ways so you can get the full effect. I shouldn't have worn black today so that you can see how big I really am, but here is a close example.

Friday, December 3, 2010

37 Weeks! BIG WITH BABY!

I am now considered full-term and boy do I look and feel it! 

My Dr. is out of town till the 7th and so this week I went to someone else in the same office. I was excited to see if I've dilated at all, but he didn't check. I am now 187lbs which is 1lb over on where I want to be, but that's okay. He did tell me that as far as belly measurement I’m still right on 37 weeks 37 inches. They measure from your pelvic bone to just under your chest. He said I am having a hard time telling because her head is right on your pelvis and her legs and bum are up in your ribs. He said she hasn't dropped yet, but she is defiantly head down. 
Dang it, I thought she had dropped, but no not yet. I have been walking funny because it hurts to walk normal. It’s more of a waddle now and Mike thinks it's pretty funny and I’m glad I can laugh with him. It actually hurts pretty bad when I walk though :(

I'm having a really hard time sleeping I wake up a few times every night and go get a drink and use the bathroom. 
I am defiantly forgetful! I have to put everything in my phone calendar.
My belly button looks so strange. Mike thinks it is going to start poking out any day now. My belly also itches a lot. I know that if itch it, it will cause stretch marks and I already have some so there won't be any itching. 
On a good note my ribs aren't hurting like they use to! That makes me wonder if she's dropped a little. I also don't have as much heart burn or acid reflux. It happens every now and then, but it’s not an every night thing anymore. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Golden Birthday! 23

Happy Birthday to me!
This year I decided I wanted to keep it simple.
Mike and I both took off work. We slept in for as long as we both could. :) Mike brought me my second present Fire and Ice roses my favorite of course. The first present was gum and jerky and eggnog at midnight :) Then it was off to IHOP for some breakfast with Spencer and Janae. Spencer surprised me with some beautiful pink Gerber daises my other favorite. After breakfast Mike and I went to the hospital to get registered since i've been having contractions we don't want to have to do this later. Then we went shopping, I keep forgetting to buy stuff for me. I think Peyton has all of the clothes she needs.... Then we came home Mike made me take a bath, because he knows how much I love them :) I got a few more presents and we left to go to dinner! Today the 2010 Blizzard hit. We went to Thanksgiving Point my favorite restaurant, i'm so glad its a few blocks away from our house because when we got done and walked out side we both about blew away. I've never seen anything like it... Madness I tell you!  The food was worth it though, always is!
Then our families came over and i'm so glad that everyone has 4wheel drive.
We had some amazing green cake and I got to open presents! My favorite part of the day. I feel like a little kid when I get to open presents.
Mike got me a Chi straightener and an amazing salon blow dryer and they are the best I highly recommend them. Sorry i'm not sure the name of the blow dryer if you want to know just ask.
Okay thats enough about presents I feel I go into any more detail about them I'll be bragging... Thanks everyone for you gifts! :)

 Raspberry lemon-aid and a huge chicken pot pie! LOVE IT!

 I'm not sure what's going on here...
We didn't have candles so we used my favorite things! SPARKLERS!

 Whitney and Ashton made me a delicious green cake!
 The Halls gave me this sweet Jazz jersey. Everyone was laughing because I put it on even over my 9 month big belly :)

Friend Baby Shower

November 27 2010
My friends: Emily H. Emilee W. Amy N and Kristen T threw my my friend shower!
We decided to have it at our home so that I wouldn't have to haul presents.
We played some fun games both were memory games and if you have ever been pregant you know that your memory is gone... It was still way fun though.
We had lots of yummy cookies and my favorite HOT CHOCOLATE with whip cream!

Thank you everyone who came, all the gifts were wonderful! We are so blessed to have such wonder people in our lives, thank you for all of your support.
We even had a few boys show up :) Spencer and Payden made and appearance for a little bit.

Emily and Amy, sorry guys this pic won't turn...
Emily's baby Elly 5 weeks old and oh so cute!

McKell and Alisha and baby Kaden he's 3 weeks old!


Me and Emily

Nicole and I
A cookie for Peyton
We went to Valley View Elementary and we were reminiscing the pictures they made us take ha ha ha.

The shirt is from Payden and Annette I put it on right there just for them :)
My friends are so weird....   Kristen and Haley kissing my belly.