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I love, love, love, New Years!

Why? I’ll tell you why! Mr. Micheal Wayne Hall  SHAVES! It’s Tradition! Short story on that: 3 years ago today wow crazy I can’t believe I’ve know that boy for that long! I love him!  Okay back to the story I will try to keep the tangents to a minimum!  Mike and I met December 19th 2006 hence he purposed December 19th 2008. Cute I know! Our first kiss according to him was suppose to be December 31st or Jan 1st at 12:00.  I came over around 9:00 that night to their party. Mike and I had been dating, but not official yet because we had previous relationships. He shaved that day thinking he was going to get a kiss. Little did he know I wasn’t hooked yet. Jk I was totally smitten, but I still had the previous engagement/relationship thing… (which was playing halo with McKell with all the nerdy boys on the internet with our exs.) The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about MIKE! Sorry this is kind personal, but I want to be able to come back and remember all of the silly details when I’m o…