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Can You Keep Up? November and the start of December!

I hate snow!!!! I really love this picture though! This house is in Orem right by my work!
Connor and Zuleika are having a baby boy! The shower! Country Dancing in Provo!
Getting ready for the dip! Matt and Seantay are professionals! Mike, Payden and I playing pool at OZZ Loser! THE WINNER! 2 out of 3 they ganged up on me or it would have been 3 out of 3!  Loser! Concentrate! THE PARRY CHRISTMAS PARTY! Uncle Doug and Frank The Gift Exchange! Mike got a pink snuggy and exchanged it for STAR WARS MONOPOLY!

I got a hot chocolate set, and a Mormon kamasutra Book.... It was funny not dirty :) Hence, Whits laughing really hard in the pic!