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Say What? New Moon!

My birthday is on Monday November 23, 1987 which means I am 22 years old and I feel weird! Not old, not young just WEIRD! I didn't think I would be married at 22, but this is the happiest I have ever been. I just thought 22 was so far away and now here it is!

Mike for the past 3 years has tried to surprise me with presents and I have always been able to find out what he was getting me. Either by sneaking or tricking him in to telling me or someone else. The only thing he has ever kept from me was the proposal I was the most surprised I had ever been in my life.  As for this year I have no CLUE and I hate it! YES I am a present spoiler! He did give me one of my presents today! TWILIGHT AND NEW MOON TICKETS!!! Double feature baby! I am so excited! It was just suppose to be Brittnay and I, but she works early early so Mike and Payden are coming. Which I am happy about, but Brit we will see it soon together! Payden unlike Mike actually appreciates the saga. Payden read most of them so…