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The wise man built his house upon a rock!

Mike and I have decided to take pictures of the houses that we like. So we can build one that has all of the elements that we want.  Its strange how much we think alike. I LOVE IT! There are four things on the outside  that I think my dream house will need. #1. Tree line drive way or house on top of a hill. #2. Columns of some sort! #3 Stone its all about the texture! #4 White picket fence! #5 Balcony's of some sort defiantly one from our bedroom window. Decks can be included here as well, I like having a place to sit and watch the world go by.  As for the inside of the house that's a whole nother post!
Mikes first pick he loves little houses! This is his favorite house in PG. He wants to have some projects that he can fix up and this is where he would love to start.

Some reason I just really like this house! I feel this connection to it. Ha Ha Ha
(Its my parents house) In the fall its hidden. Not to mention the nice deck we have behind the house to watch the horses and deer …