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Cozmel and Tulum

Enjoy the Video and YES my husband is weird, but thats why I love him! We went on the Helaman tours! It was way cool to hear all the religious tie-ins!

Fun Day At Sea!

We got to sleep in today! No Excursions which is sad because there so fun! By this time I was in a lot of pain from my mouth. Luckily I'm a pharmacist :) We woke up and went to get some breakfast I love the freshly made omlettes that's what I ate almost every morning if you can call 11:00 morning. hey don't judge it was our sleep in day okay!  We went and got our swimsuits on and laid out in the sun! Of course I went and got some Strawberry yogurt ice-cream YUM!  The water slide was way fun it was on the back of the ship kinda crazy! We went and played some games with other people it was a trivia game and the Parry family lost! Of course we got all of the musical question and every other family got the sports questions it was rigged! :) It was a very fast day I thought it would have gone slow, but now when your being lazy time flies! They had a show and Dane was in it! It was a magic show he won a trophie too! Then it was off to dinner it was the last dress up night :( Til…