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Songs Of Our Love!

I wanted to redo our playlist and I figured I would post a blog about the songs I chose. 
1.The song we first kissed to:
 Hands Down, Dashboard Confessional

2.     The song we first danced to:
 Big and Rich, Holy Water
3.      The song I put in the CD player of his Jeep I trashed for Valentine’s Day. Not to mention it’s our song!
Tim McGraw, My Best friend
4.      The song that reminds me of him (besides our song)
There’s tons of them um Frank Sinatra (inside joke!) Soco Amaretto Lime, Brandnew
5.      The song that reminds him of me
PS. I Love You, The Pogues, Love You Till The End
Unbelievable, Josh Gracin
 Brad Paisley, I thought I loved you then. - Not on the playlist to the right, but click on the link its an amazing son!
6.      The song that helped us get through a bad time (yes at one point in our relationship we  fought…)-
Hey Jude, The Beatles
7.      The Country song that makes him laugh because I guess he’s always waiting J-               
 Brad Paisley, Waiting on a Woman
8.      The Co…