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Papa Frank Turns 50!!!!

Franklin Charles Parry is 50 years old! On Wed, Sept. 30th and we threw him a surprise party with lots of awesome food provided by Whit and Ashton! It was a ton of fun! A bunch of family and close friends got together and made fun of the old man!There was black everywhere! We played a game it was a questionnaire that Lynne and Colton put together. I just want to say that Mike and I won!!! I know my dad best!!! For example here a few of the questions.
1. What is his favorite animal to hunt?
I said Bear I knew it would be hard, but with much though he finally said Bear!
2. What does Julie(my mom) get mad at my dad for doing in the kitchen?
I said eating the cake on Sundays before its cool and frosted. That's exactly what my dad put!!
3. What is my dad scared of?
I said Snakes, and yes he said Snakes!
There were a lot more I just can't think of all the questions right now. If he knew I was blogging about him he would kick my butt! He hates how my blog is not private and how muc…