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Okay to all of you that know how I love UTAH UNIVERSITY let me explain! Mike's Dad is in the Cougar Club at BYU! He had two tickets and being a football I'm not going to turn down really amazing seats. They played Colorado and of course I cheered for BYU! WHY? You might ask because come November 28th when U of U plays BYU and kills them it will make us look good! If we beat them and they have lost all there games it still feels good, but just isn't the same. I had a lot fun I did stand when they scored, but NO I did not sing the "FIGHT" song! My colors are not white and blue unless were talking about PG Vikings! Mike and Mike Sr. are so much fun to hang out with I just love Mike's dad he is the coolest!

The beginning of the game!

Not a huge fan of Cozmo....

I am still really tired, but happy to be there with Mr. Mike!

A little more Awake! Cute pic of Mike and I

Mike and I being Silly!

Mr. Mike being silly I wonder where my Mike gets it??? Now we know!