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I bought a Utes sticker and put it on my car today now Luna looks amazing!  I bet that's something you didn't know! lmao! Here are some cute pics I love!

1. Song that always makes you sad?: I loved her first; it’s the song I danced with my dad too. I love it!
2. Last thing you bought?:  Powerade and Ga3. Last person you argued with?: Not sure maybe Mike, we don’t fight that much just play fight.
4. Do you put Butter before putting the jelly on?: Yes  I think
5. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid?:  I didn’t play with stuffed animals. My cats were Salt and Pepper.
6. Did you ever own at one time a Nysnc Cd?: No just a country girl here!
7. Favorite day of the week?: Saturday
8. Favorite Sundae topping?: Carmel
9. Did you take Piano lessons?: Nope
10. Most frequent song played?: Any Beatles song Mike is obsessed!
11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?: LOST I complain a lot about it, when in fact it’s really good.
12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?: HOCKEY…