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It’s been four months today since we got married. It has gone by so fast I can’t believe it! Everything is going so great. I love my husband so much. I was looking back at some old pictures of when we first started dating and thought they would be great to share. Mike and I met December 19th 2006 it was at Colbys birthday party. He then took me on a “Blind Date” because I didn’t really meet him at the party, but I did remember that smile. We went on our date and it was love at first sight. A couple weeks later we were driving around at 12:00 wondering what we were going to do. Mike said I’m just going to keep driving till you decide. We found ourselves in Springville. We decided to just keep going about 5 hours later we were in Vegas! It was my favorite trip I’ve ever taken with Mike well next to our honeymoon that is. This is where I learned about Mike what makes him happy what makes me sad, his loves his hates. Here are just a few pictures of us. Just a little tribute the the bes…