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Summer lovin had me a blast!!!

SUMMER SO FAR! I can hardly keep up with all of the stuff we have been doing this Summer! It has been a lot of fun! Its a really long blog and a ton of pictures I hope you enjoy! VIDEOS ARE AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS POST!!!

This Is MIKE! He is constantly making me laugh, I just love being married to him he really knows how to make me happy! I love that he is so silly!

Chantel Armistead (Tillie) my brothers girlfriend came over to our house and did mine and Mikes hair. I have been trying to let it grow out and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had her tint or frost Mikes tips he hasn’t really ever tried this and I thought well it’s about time! I think he looks so hot in later pictures you will see!
The next morning we went to Dane’s soccer game! He is so cute I’m glad I have a little brother so close to go watch.

We went golfing with Mike’s Dad and Cameron. It was fun I love driving the cart!!! After that we went to dinner with Mikes dad and Amanda and Adam. I love California Pi…