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Okay a few things because I just can't wait to tell you!!!!!!
1. Brett Favre is coming back, yes he is playing for the Vikings(a hated rival), but I don't care I just love him and am so excited he is coming back. I wish it was for the Packers though.

2. Payden is flying to Cali and will be home soon he just has to "debrief" or what ever its called! Were going to have a party for his coming home updates later on that and it will be a surprise.

3. Were picking up our baby tomorrow! I cannot wait. Were going to take it on the cruise!

4. Were going on a Cruise to Western Caribbean: Miami, FL ; Fun Day At Sea ; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands ; Isla Roatan ; Belize ; Cozumel, Mexico ; Fun Day At Sea ; Miami, FL!!!! I love cruises! I can't wait to snorkel again!

5. Mike is Pre-ordering Beatles Rockband!!!! Also some country for me!!!

6. We WON our Softball game last night!!!

7. Were on season 7 of FRIENDS and Chandler just purposed and Mike was so happy! I'm so happy he lo…