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The Reception!

~The Reception~
Thank you all for coming! I cannot believe all the love and support we have had. I heard the line went all the way out to the parking lot. For that I am sorry, but it really does make me so happy to have had so many people there. I hoped you guys liked the sign in book with our cute engagements. I liked our video of us growing up! I hope you all got to watch that! I heard the food was so good Matt came and gave me shrimp in line once, but that’s all that I got to try sadly. I did sneak an Italian Soda right before the line started. If you know me then you know I love Italian sodas! I had to have certain things in my wedding like that such as: The Black Roses. I love black and the floating black roses in the vases and floating candles on top turned out amazing! And the Italian Sodas. I had to have to puffy dresses with pickups and Diamonds. I had to have a beautiful cake and we did I pick it out my self and I think it’s the best wedding cake I’ve ever seen! I would not…

The Luncheon

Mike and I went and took pictures while everyone was getting seated because it stopped pouring for a minute. The pictures of us out side on the pedestal right in front of the temple. These pictures turned out amazing! Then we went to the luncheon. The food was really good. Matt and Aunt Jara sang the most beautiful duet. Then everyone got to tell something about Mike and me. It was so embarrassing the stories that people remembered about me. Mike had all the sweet nice stores, but no my family and friends had to make fun of me and my blondness. It was a really fun luncheon I cried like a baby when I had to talk about Mike and how much I love him. He is my best friend. Sorry that’s just one thing I said you would have had to be there it’s to personnel. Then he gave his speech and it was amazing. I cried like a little girl. There is an ongoing joke about how we knew each other and right then and there in his speech he brings this up. He said “When we first met we both could have sworn w…