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Coming Out Of The Temple!!

~The Wedding Day~
I woke up around four thirty and Tillie came over and did my hair and makeup. Mike came and picked up and we drove to Salt Lake City. It’s my favorite Temple. We got married so amazing and so spiritual and so worth it! Mike’s grandpa sealed us. I loved having all of my family there! I am so happy to be sealed to him forever. We came out of the Temple and got drenched. It was pouring! My friends and family were all there being troopers and getting soaked! I love our pictures everyone has umbrellas and are so wet. We hurried and took a big group shot then got everyone inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We took a lot of beautiful pictures with everyone in the JSM building. I was so lucky that Tillie was there to fix my hair and she did an amazing job. So the pictures actually turned out really great! Then went to the luncheon it was in the Wasatch room in the JSM building.