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July 24th 2009

Ring Ring: uh ah Hello??
Frank (my daddy): Hey what are you doing?
Me: ah well I was sleeping...
Frank: Oh well i've already played a whole round of golf.
Me:uh that's great dad!?
Frank: Do you know what today is?
Me: Ya its pioneer day right the 24th of July
Frank:Ya and....?
Me:Ya I know I know. Its the day I got in my car accident. Do you think I'd forget?
Frank: No, well maybe I just wanted to call and remind you.
Me: Thanks dad I'm going back to sleep now I'll come over tonight or I'll call you.
Frank: Alright (laugh) k bye.

This is how my day started out I hope you can get the full effect. My father honestly thought I would forget today? That crazy man jk I love him. I woke up around nine and got ready for work. I drove really really carefully to work just so you all know. I got to work and at my desk was a note from my bro that was so sweet. And a snickers bar underneath to top it off! :) I love my family!

Last night I had the wonderul opertunity to g…